Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gospel Radio, Churches Rally to Help Historic Lampton Church Restore Power

By: Min. Angela Lee Price
PraizePower 1350 WLOU and the new Praize 104.7 FM presented the Black History/Restore Lampton Church Program on Saturday, February 18th at the West End Baptist Church in Louisville, Rev. Dr. Dartanya Hill, Sr. Pastor. The guest speaker was Rev. Charles Elliott, Jr., Pastor, King Solomon Baptist Church and musical guests included Lampton's youth and praise choirs, the West End Baptist Church choir, Robert Jamison & Victory, Michael Young with In God's Presence, Ronnie Palmer and a children's mime ministry.
Clergy from various churches spoke and presented donations on behalf of their churches to support historic Lampton Baptist Church in restoring power to its facility and re-open church doors for regular worship services after power was turned off in the wake of a $32,000 Louisville Gas and Electric bill.

Speakers included, Rev. Vincent James, Pastor, Elim Baptist Church; Rev. Frank M. Smith, Jr., Pastor, Christ's Church for Our Community; Deacon Jessie Harris, Main Street Baptist Church; Dr. Dartanya Hill, Sr., Pastor, West End Baptist Church, and Rev. James Miller, Pastor, Lampton Baptist Church. Councilman David James gave greetings and the congregation was lead in singing of the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing.

"The state inspector has inspected the boiler.  All the repairs have been made.  The boiler will be operating at greater efficiency and we should not be seeing the problems that occured last year," stated Rev. Frank Smith in his offeratory remarks.
WLOU & Praize 104.7 afternoon announcer Brodric Purvis served as Master of Ceremonies, "Midday Diva" Ms. Krystal Goodner introduced the guest speaker, and General Manager Bill Price gave closing remarks. "We are looking at additional ways to help the church," stated Price.

The spirited benefit program raised $4,800.00, bringing the total funds raised to $10,056.00 to date. "It ain't Lampton Church. It's just church,...and Christ said on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her," stated Rev. Charles Elliott in his sermon.


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