Monday, July 30, 2012

Pastor Bruce J. Shaw Enjoys "Pleasant" 15th Pastoral Anniversary

It was my honor to serve as mistress of ceremonies at 15th pastoral anniversary banquet on Saturday, July 29th for Rev. Bruce J. Shaw, Pastor, Pleasant View Baptist Church, and his lovely wife First Lady Monica Shaw. What a pleasant night it was. The banquet, “Honoring the Angel of the Church,” was held at the Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville.
Guest speaker Councilman David Tandy (below left) spoke on the importance of servant leadership. He jokingly stated he job was to bring everybody back down to earth after a week of powerful preaching. Donnie Morris & his wife Judge Toni Stringer, senior member “Aunt Sally” Mansfield, member Dwight Powell, and Pastor Larry Sykes, Greater Good Hope Baptist Church all acknowledged the Pastor Shaw’s dedication and commitment to ministry for 15 years.
Recently celebrating his tenth pastoral anniversary Pastor Kevin Nelson, First Baptist Church Jeffersontown (photo right) gave invocation opening the banquet, and the Pleasant ViewBaptist Church Ensemble ministered in song. Pastor Shaw’s sons welcomed everyone.
Attendees were blessed to receive gifts throughout the evening in random drawings that included tickets to Holiday World, Kings Island, Wendy’s and Fazoli’s restaurants, movie passes, and Bath & Body Works gift sets.

After the banquet, the Pleasant View Church family and friends danced the night away to the sounds of GrooveMasters featuring Curtis Gaines and Maestro J.
Pastor Shaw's anniversary was punctuated by a powerful week of preaching beginning Wednesday, July 25th through Sunday, July 29th including Pastor Derrick Miles, Greater Friendship Baptist Church; Pastor Anthony Middleton, Cable Baptist Church; Pastor Walter Malone, Canaan Christian Church; Pastor Darryl Nathan, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, and Pastor C. Mackie Daniels, West Chestnut Baptist Church.
Rev. C. Mackie Daniels, Pastor of West Chestnut Street Baptist Church spoke on Sunday at the 11:00 service. His sermon, "Having Reason to Stand" was based on Amos 7, and Acts 5. Rev. Daniels stated that the glory of ministry is to declare the Good News and herald the arrival of the King. The preacher's duty is to announce the arrival of the King. Quoting Amos 7:15, Daniels said "The Lord took me..."is a compelling reason to stand. Amos assured Amaziah he was not at Bethel by his own choosing, nor would he be coming with a message to proclaim. The Lord took me and told me to go prophesy to the people of Israel. Daniels stated, "There will be those with vested interest in challenging your reason to stand... Preacher and people need to be reminded that when the Lord takes a messenger, He places them where He chooses... We cannot tailor God's message to fit the desires of you."
Three Reasons to Stand:
1. The Lord took me.
2. There are spiritually hungry people and preachers must possess a compassionate concern for others. Jesus is the example. He said, "I am the Good Shepherd...." Preachers fail the people with the likeness of pretty words. The people in the pews have special needs....
3. There is no substitute for the message and the God-called messenger. The Lord called, sent, and told me what to say. Only the God-sent preacher has the words of eternal life.
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