Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tavis Smiley Hosts 10th State of the Black Union

Rev. Angela Lee Price

There is still a "Hallelujah" in my spirit. Tavis Smiley's mother has just prayed the benediction at the tenth State of the Black Union Symposium in Los Angeles. I watched half the symposium, and the half, as they say, won't be told by me tonight.

I tuned into C-Span at the beginning of the afternoon session. President Barack Obama's taped video address and the second panel's dialogue has me full to overflowing with new information on a variety of subjects. I truly felt President Obama's address was not only a concise recap of his first 40 days in office, but also a healing moment considering the uproar that occurred over Tavis' comments during the presidential campaign. Eventhough I have spported Tavis in the past and I have spoken with him twice on my radio show, I must admit I was upset with him, too, so I almost didn't watch this 10th Union.

Tavis introduced a new book, Accountable: Making America As Good As Its Promise which outlines President Obama's campaign promises. He asked the audience to use it as a checklist for tracking Obama's progress, plus, as with the 2006 bestseller, Covenent With Black America, Tavis is going on the road to several big cities beginning Monday to discuss the book. Louisville is not on the tour this time, at least not in the first set of cities.

Van Jones, Randall Robinson, Lani Guinier, and Erica Willams all shared profound insights on everything from the president's allocation of federal dollars for global warming and the ecology and the impact those dollars could have on blacks in the 'hood in terms of jobs, to exploring news ways of determining intelligence that includes, and not excludes, the African American intellect, to atrocities in African and other countries during the Clinton era. The first black Republican National Committe Chairman Michael Steele was a panelist as was Julianne Malveaux, Cornel West, Na'im Akbar, Jawanza Kunjufu, Danny Bakewell, Sr., and Karen Bass.

The comment that had me shoutin', however, not there was only one, came from Dr. Emily Towns when she said, "I know many of you are not going to like what I'm about to say, but the black church has to stop focusing so much on prosperity and start focusing on the prophetic (speaking truth to powers, not giving personal prophecies)." She said, "Prosperity is about yourself, your family, and those around you....The prophetic is about each and every one of us. If we don't move more into true communal relationship, Barack Obama will have only one term."

Remember, it is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves.

Announcing Black History Quiz Winners

Congratulations Deborah Carlton, grand prize winner in the Jesus Saves Ministries Black History Quiz drawing. She won the book, Obama: From Promise to Power by David Mendell, Mary Mary's award-winning new CD, The Sound, the ESV New Testament Holy Bible, a He’s Leading Me On Hebrews 12:2 t-shirt, and an African American Heritage Calendar. In addition, Deborah received a perfect score, 10 out of 10, in the Unsung Heroes category.

"Taking the Black History Month Quiz was a fun way to test my knowledge about our heritage. In addition to testing myself, I believe as parents and grandparents we must know our history so that we can educate and equip our children. They must know about those that have paved the way and the struggles they endured so that they can appreciate the privileges they (youth) now have, take pride in our rich history, and realize their own potential to impact the future." Deborah Carlton, Black History Quiz Winner

Three additional contestants, Michael Lee, Angela Tellis, and Beverly Jones, each won a gospel music CD as consolation prize for scoring 7 out of 10 in at least one of the four quiz categories, Unsung Heroes, Little Known Facts, Women in History, and Black Oscars.

"I love taking quizzes and tests that challenge my knowledge and help me to gain insight about my people, that's what helped me get 17 out of 19, in this particular quiz, Black Oscars. It's a wonderful thing to find out and retain information about the lives of various African Americans who have aided in making us a race that has come so far and have done so many positive things in so many areas, in so little time. The impact and affect we as a people have made in the lives of everyone on this planet is astounding and gratifying to me. Realizing the talent, intelligence and pride we possess excites and motivates me to continue to strive to become the best I can be, and it is my hope that one day more of us will become aware of and operate in our God given gifts and talents, creating and leaving an even greater mark on the lives of others yet to become." Angela Tellis

Thanks to Better Days West Records, Lyles Mall, Louisville, Kentucky for providing gospel music CDs for this drawing.

St. Stephen Temple Choir Celebrates CD National Release

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

On Tuesday, February 24th, Joe Leavell & The St. Stephen Temple Choir’s celebrated the national CD release of their debut album, God Is Able on Emtro Records! God Is Able debuted at number 29 on the national music chart, Radio and Records four weeks before the national release date. "God continues to show favor," states choir director Joe Leavell. "Also, we have been the number one most added record in the nation."

The nationally-released CD not only has a new cover design, but also a new sound as it has been remixed, remastered, and rearranged. The first single, God Is Able is currently number 17 with expectations of continued upward assent. This means that gospel radio stations are playing the single with greater frequency as the CD is finding acceptance within the marketplace. God Is Able is number one this week, with 19 spins, on the WLOU playlist.

"We know that without God's love and anointing we are like sounding brass and tinkling cymbals. We give God Glory, honor and praise, for what he is doing, what he is about to do, and for what he has already done!," states choir member Angela Tellis on a previous Jesus Saves Ministries Blog post.

The St. Stephen Temple Choir hosted a semi private party at Actor's Theatre of Louisville on Saturday, February 21st celebrating Tuesday's national release. "We are asking the entire Louisville community for their continued support and asking everyone to please purchase a cd for themselves or a loved one that might need “soul food,”' states Joe Leavell.

God Is Able is available in Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and iTunes everywhere. It is also available at Better Days West Records in the Lyles Mall in Louisville.

Welcome to the Jesus Saves Ministries Blog

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayer Line Day of Fasting and Prayer

Min. Angela Lee Price

The Prayer Line is a radio prayer ministry that airs weekday mornings, 7:30-7:45 with me on 1350 WLOU, The Gospel Music Station.

In observance of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, join us for our first 12-hour fast from 6A-6P or 6P-6A (if you work overnight).
In Western Christianity, Lent is 40 days of fasting and repentance in preparation for Resurrection Sunday (Easter), this year on April 12th.

The six Sundays in Lent are not counted among the 40 days of lent as each Sunday represents a "mini-Easter," a celebration of Jesus' victory over sin and death.If, for medical reasons, you cannot participate in a full or partial food fast, then consider giving up something very important to you, (cell phone, computer, television, text messaging, caffeine, etc.) and giving that time to the Lord in prayer and Scripture meditation.

Read Esther 4:15-17, 2 Chron. 20:3-30, Neh. 9:1-37, Matt 4:1-4, Luke 2:37, Acts 13:2-3, and all passages on fasting & prayer.

It is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations Joe Leavell & St. Stephen Temple Choir

Join us in congratulating Joe Leavell & The St. Stephen Temple Choir on the national release of their debut album, God Is Able on Emtro Records!

You can post congratulations here on the Jesus Saves Ministries Blog and enter your name and e-mail address on the right sidebar to enter the drawing to win a God Is Able CD. The first drawing will be this Thursday at 12 Noon.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take The Black History Quiz

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

How well do you know your history? Take a Black History Quiz and find out just what you know and don't know about African Americans who have made this country great. I must warn you. These quizzes are hard!

Take the quiz in one or all of the following categories: Unsung Heroes, Little Known Facts, Women in History, and Black Oscars. I took the quiz over the weekend and scored a 7 of 10 in the Unsung Heroes category.

Win Black History Prize Package!
If you get a 7 of 10 or better in at least one category, contact this ministry and I will enter you in a drawing for a Black History Prize Package consisting of the book, Obama: From Promise to Power by David Mendell, an African American Heritage Calendar, Mary Mary's award-winning CD, "The Sound", an ESV New Testament Bible, and a "He's Leading You On - Hebrews 12:2" t-shirt (Large and X-Large only).

Send your name, e-mail address, and phone number to me at One entry per person per e-mail address, please. The drawing will be held Thursday, February 26th at 12:00 Noon (Eastern). Sorry, no international entries accepted.

"We mut keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete" Hebrews 12:2.

Another Jesus Saves Ministries promotion in conjunction with Better Days West Records, Lyles Mall, 2600 West Broadway, Louisville, KY.

Min. Angela Lee Price, Founder
Jesus Saves Ministries
P.O. Box 1284
Louisville, Kentucky 40201
Celebrating three years of lifting up Jesus Christ!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wake Up with The Angela Lee Price Morning Show

Wake Up weekdays with The Angela Lee Price Morning Show on 1350 WLOU, The Gospel Radio Station.

Friday morning at 8:00, Angela spoke with gospel artist James Fortune of James Fortune & FIYA about their #1 Gospel song, “I Trust You.”

James Fortune and FIYA’s sophomore project on Black Smoke Music World Wide (formerly World Wide), “The Transformation”, was released January 22, 2008. The first single “I Trust You” is dominating Gospel radio with 26 weeks straight at #1 and counting. Because of its crossover appeal, “I Trust You” is # 30 on Urban AC charts and #1 at WBLS in New York City, Urban AC’s # 1 station in the U.S. There are no signs of slowing down for James Fortune and FIYA.

The Angela Lee Price Show Interviews #7 - James Fortune - 2/13/09

James Fortune of James Fortune & FIYA talks about their latest CD, Transformation and the #1 single, "I Trust You," the group's background, ministry focus, and more.

This week, win tickets to Je’Caryous Johnson’s comedy stage play Love Overboard.

Plus, get news, traffic, and weather and the best gospel music in the nation for your morning commute with Angela Lee Price on WLOU!

Listen to Angela's interview with James Fortune, Rance Allen, John P. Kee, Kierra "KiKi" Sheard, Marla Gibbs, and Dr. Eric C. Redmond on the Jesus Saves Ministries Blog.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Heiress: Crowning Moments In Black History

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

"Now, if we are children, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may share in his glory” Romans 8:17.

All I have is this black and white photo now, and the memories the accompany it, of a time long since past when my name once appeared in lights on the marquee of this Holiday Inn. It was in 1974, 35 years ago to be exact, when I was crowned "Miss Teen Queen," Junior Division, in a beauty pageant held in this very hotel in downtown Louisville. Joetta Thomas was crowned "Miss Teen Queen,” Senior Division, and Gayle Kelcy, her runner-up in a tightly contested competition of African American young women, mostly older than me, who were, as I saw it, poised, sophisticated, and glamorous.

"What in the world am I doing here?," I kept asking myself as the older women tried to teach me to walk, and talk, and turn on the runway. I was not nearly as poised as Joetta and the rest of the contestants. “How could I possibly win?,” I said.

But somehow, something kept edging me forward, a "Yes, you can!" spirit. It took me to that crowning moment, a moment that is forever cemented in my mind. It was the spirit of my middle school counselor, a pretty black woman, and my elementary school teachers, especially Ms. Sexton, my math teacher, who taught me and mentored me and told me I was somebody. It was the spirit of my mother, and my mother's mother before her, queens in their own right, who seriously insisted that you just didn’t leave the house dressed any kind of way.

I think about that picture when I see young girls degrading themselves and living beneath what God has for them. I that about this picture, too, when I see African American girls looking at girls of other hues thinking they don’t measure up. I tell them, “Honey, you measure up. You are a queen fit for a king. You are a royal priesthood.”

And now that I am older, I am able to look back across the pages of time and see that it was the Holy Spirit at work in my life all along, as it was in this same year, 1974, when He saved me, called me into His glorious kingdom, and truly made me a queen, a co-heir with Jesus Christ. Now, that was a crowning moment indeed!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

American Stroke Association Hosts Louisville Power Awards Luncheon

Black History Month — a time to recognize past achievements — is also a good time to focus on one of the greatest threats to African Americans: stroke. On November 6, 2008, the American Stroke Association hosted the Louisville Power Awards Luncheon at Masterson’s Restaurant. The awards presentation and luncheon, hosted by WHAS-TV news anchor Renee Murphy, recognized community leaders and companies for exceptional voluntary service to the campaign.

Power To End Stroke is an education and awareness campaign that embraces and celebrates the culture, energy, creativity, and lifestyles of African Americans. It unites African Americans to help make an impact on the high incidence of stoke within the community.

Jesus Saves Ministries founder, Min. Angela Lee Price received the Inspiration Award recognizing ambassadors from various community organizations, businesses, and local churches who have inspired the community to support Power to End Stoke. "I want to thank the American Stroke Association for choosing me to receive this award. After my husband's stroke last May, the Lord placed it upon my heart to alert as many people as I could through radio and the internet about the warning signs and risk factors for stroke. Too many African Americans are dying needlessly from poor eating habits, and lack of exercise, but Jesus said, 'I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly,'" stated Min. Price.

Other honorees included Dr. Adewale Troutman, Legacy Award; Tanika Owens, Outstanding Ambassador Award; Dr. Kerri Remmel, Power Broker Award; Tony Huey, Impact Award; Theresa Byrd, Strategic Alliance Award; and Louisville Defender Newspaper, Strategic Alliance Award. Dr. James M. Gebel, Jr., Medical Director for Jewish Hospital Emergency Stroke Center and St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital Stoke Center was the keynote speaker.
BeBe Winans:

Remember, it is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!

American Stroke Association - Louisville

Monday, February 02, 2009

Miracle On the Ohio

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

“It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. Not only did I get to vote in a historic election, but it was also the first time I have ever voted in my life. I praise God for the outcome.”
Norma Jackson

"It is a blessing from God that Rev. Price is helping former felons like myself be able to vote. I haven't voted since Jimmy Carter ran against Ronald Reagon in 1980."
John R. Williams, III, St. Stephen Church usher and Mighty Men's choir member.

"This is indeed is a blessing for me. I gave my life to the Lord and was baptized last year at St. Stephen Church, and now I plan to vote for the first time in my life on November 4th.”
Luther Anderson, Employee, Simmons College of Kentucky

“I got in trouble when I was young and never applied for my rights until now. Barack Obama’s candidacy has motivated me to have faith in the system again, and I will be voting for the first time in my life. I am blessed to be voting in such a historic election.”
Carlton Gibson

“I am so happy for my son, James Lancaster and everyone who had their rights restored with the help of St. Stephen Church, Jesus Saves Ministries and WLOU. James will be voting for the first time and he is very excited about it.”
Ann Lancaster, Director, The Fountain of St. Stephen

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