Saturday, November 26, 2011

Churches Turn Black Friday Into Bless Friday to Give Back to Others - BCNN1

By: Min. Angela Lee Price
I think Black Friday is getting out of hand! My husband and stepson went out last night and there were lines wrapped around the buildings at Target and Walmart. My husband said he had never seen so many cars on the parking lot at Walmart. Thursday's newspaper was double the size of a normal Sunday paper. I just think it's getting out of hand, don't you? Jesus deserves at least one FULL day of thankfulness! But, Oh, no! Now we have to cut Thanksgiving in half, and gulp our Egg Nog in order to be in lines at 4:00 and 5:00 o'clock for Black Friday deals. Something's wrong with that! I tweeted earlier today, "Read the red in your black bible and you won't go in the red on Black Friday!" I keep thinking about "Young Money," at least that's what I call the rich young ruler in the Bible. Young Money kept all the commandmants, but when Jesus told him to sale all his possessions and follow him, he went away sad. Young Money had it all, cash, cars, and mansions, but what he needed was a relationship with Jesus. If only we would sit still long enough to be grateful what what we have....If only!

I found this article on the internet and it blessed my soul, Churches Turn Black Friday Into Bless Friday to Give Back to Others. We are supposed to be impacting the world. Instead, the world is impacting us. I know we are all busy and there are only so many vacation days, and the Friday after Thanksgiving is that day for alot of people, but please! Not all of us need to stand in line on Thanksgiving to buy something that will be on sale cheaper next week. Many Christians have more stuff in their closets than they need. A way to give back might mean cleaning out the closets and having a huge consignment event at the church on Black Friday, a event where we give back and share the gospel at the same time. What we all really need is Jesus not another doorbuster sale!
These are my thoughts. What's yours?


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