Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retired professor, activist Joseph McMillan dies at 80

By:  Min. Angela Lee Price
Our condolences to the McMillan family on the passing of Dr. Joseph McMillan. Our community and nation have lost a great leader, educator, and activist. The Lord granted me opportunity to know Dr. McMillan on a number of levels. I first met him while attending the University of Louisville in the early 1980's. I had the privilege of assisting him on the Black Family Conference one year some years ago, and I have interviewed him on the radio on many occasions. Dr. McMillan was more than a mentor, and leader, he was like a father figure to me and so many others who knew him. Dr. McMillan's thirst for knowledge was unquenchable even in later years. I ran into him in LifeWay Christian Bookstore more than once this year, and each time I enjoyed chatting with him.  He will be truly missed for his tenacity, bravery, courageous, leadership, and great love for people of color the world over.

Retired professor, activist Joseph McMillan dies at 80

Funeral Arrangements:

Wake:   Friday, 2-4 p.m. at AD Porter and Sons and 6-8 p.m. at N Street Baptist Church, his home church.

Funeral:  Saturday, 11:00 a.m., St. Stephen Church, 1018 South 15th Street, Louisville.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let My People Vote Workshop Travels to Dismas Charities Portland

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

The second in a series of  "Let My People Vote" Restoration of Voting Rights and Expungement workshops was held at the Dismas Charities Portland location, 15th & Lytle Streets in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday, August 25th. Men at the transitional facility and community guests asked questions, and obtained applications and materials from presenters Min. Angela Lee Price and Archia Kinnard, Asst. Supervisor, Expungement and Information Processing, Hall of Justice.  

Kentucky and Virginia are the last two remaining states that permanently disenfranchise all people with felony convictions, unless they receive individual, discretionary, executive clemency," states the Brennan Center for Justice on page 4 of an extensive national report, Restoring The Right To Vote released in 2008.   In stark contrast, voting rights are automatically restored in 13 states  including Indiana and the District of Columbia once former felons are released from prison. In two states, Maine and Vermont, even prisoners may vote.  Min. Angela Price read a section of that report and made it available to attendees, along with applications and written testimonies from former felons whose civil rights were restored through the St. Stephen Church Former Felons Advocacy Initiative in partnership with Jesus Saves Ministries.
Archia Kinnard, Asst. Supervisor, Expungement and Information Processing, Hall of Justice presented on the District Courts expungement process.  She has handled expungements for 12 of her 16 years at the Hall of Justice.  Kinnard made available applications and materials and explained types of petitions that can be filed and the fees associated with them.  The majority of the cases  involve either misdemeanor or violation convictions petitions or acquittal or dismissal with prejudice petitions. To obtain additional information, go to http://www.courts.ky.gov/.


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Louisville's New African American Heritage Center Will Host One of Its Biggest Events

First Annual Event Will Have You Seeing White”

(Louisville, KY- August 25, 2010)  Golden Door Affiliate, WLOU welcomes one of the biggest events to be held in Louisville’s newly erected Kentucky Center for African American Heritage Center.

The gospel radio station in conjunction with the Buffalo Foundation will host a white party in the Heritage center Labor Day weekend, Friday September 3rd at 7 PM. This event, The Hallelujah White Party, will be the most publicized event held in the Heritage center since the center opened its doors earlier this year.

The Hallelujah White Party will be geared towards the church community.  WLOU/WLLV General Manager, Bill Price, says Louisville’s West End was in much need of a multi-purpose facility such as this,“It’s been in the making for a number of years, we are proud to be part of an event that will not only be stunning to look at, but groundbreaking in terms of the number of people it will serve.”

The Hallelujah White Party will feature live performances by local gospel groups including Stellar nominated artist Jason Clayborn. This event will also feature Christian comedians Stress and Slo Yo Roll.

Tickets for the Hallelujah White Party can be purchased from Balloons & More and Better Days West. For more information on this event contact event producer, Barry Tilford (502) 664-5858.

WLOU is Metro Louisville’s exclusive gospel radio station, and the first radio station in Kentucky to be owned by an African American, William E. Summers, III. 

The Buffalo Foundation is a non-profit organization out of Georgetown Kentucky that provides scholarships to youth as well as teaches youth as well as churches the importance of agriculture.

If you’d like more information about this event or to schedule an interview, contact Krystal Goodner, at 502/762-3178.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Temple Choir Concert Souled Out!

Bishop Hezekiah Walker was the featured guest artist at the St. Stephen Temple Choir Concert, Saturday, August 21, 2010 in Louisville, KY. He rendered in song to a packed house songs primarily from his latest CD, Souled Out.  St. Stephen Worship Director Jason Clayborn, leading choir in video, wrote "You're All I Need," a song on the Souled Out CD.  Bishop Walker opened the second half of the concert "The Power Belongs to God."  and sang, a crowd favorite, "God Favored Me," and ended the concert with the title selection, "Souled Out,"

The St. Stephen Temple Choir under the direction of John Ray rendered in song the first half performing a variety of comtemporary and traditional gospel favorites.  Also, they accompanied Bishop Walker during the second half of the concert.  Other guests soloists included, Rev. Ton'ya Triplett, St. Stephen Church, and Dorrisa Hobbs, Bates Memorial Baptist Church.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Does the Black Church Keep Black Women Single?

Does the black church keep black women single?  Should black women go to church to find a man?  Are all men in church good, Christian men?  These are some of the questions asked in this short CNN video.  What do you think?  Black church members talk love, relationships, and what really keeps black women single.

Do you know of women who come to church specifically to find a man?  What is your advice to them?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Praise Power WLOU Welcomes Hallelujah White Party

Tickets available at Better Days Records, 502-774-9909 and Balloons and More, 502-966-3020.  Limited Advance:  $20.00, All Others: $25.00

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jesus Saves Ministries Conducted Let My People Vote Workshop on August 12th

By:  Min. Angela Lee Price

Min. Angela Lee Price, Founder Jesus Saves Ministries, Member Services Director and Voter Empowerment Coordinator, St. Stephen Church for the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, conducted the first of two "Let My People Vote" Restoration of Voting Rights Workshops for ex-offenders on August 12th for the Shawnee Justice Reinvestment Pilot Project in Louisville. Approximately 30 people, including representatives from community businesses and organizations attended the workshop to obtain information on restoration of voting rights. 

Larry Carter, Sr., above, who permanently lost the right to vote in 1996, completed an application at the workshop.  "I definitely want my rights back," stated Carter.  "I haven't so much as had a parking ticket since that offense some 14 years ago.  I want to have a say so in whats happening in my community.  Even if it's simply voicing my concerns for the upkeep of my neighborhood, street repairs that need to be done and pot holes that need to be filled, or for the rights of seniors around me, I want to know that my voice counts." 

Leonard Rowe, Safety & Training Manger, MV Transportation, Inc. and a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. attended the workshop. "As a business professional, I have experienced the let down that so many have faced because they cannot get or keep viable employment; because of past mistakes in their criminal backgrounds. My goal is to take those, and only those that have demonstrated that they can walk the straight line for many years and demonstrate good decisions making skills, and help them clear the path to be productive citizens in Louisville, Kentucky.  My philosophy is simple “If we help ONE come up, we may be helping an entire family, and perhaps an entire generation,” stated Rowe.

The Shawnee JRI Pilot Project embodies a two-pronged approach which focuses on meeting the individual needs of the returning offender along with addressing the needs identified by residents to promote community revitalization.  "The Shawnee project is based on a model that encourages everyone in the community to get involved in the problem-solving process, working together to promote safet reduce recidivism, and strengthen our families," states Shawnee JRI Project Coordinator Debora McGill. 

Participants must be Shawnee residents returning to the community from either prison or jail; released from the Kentucky Department of Corrections (prison) or Louisville Metro Corrections (jail) returning to the Shawnee Community; meet eligibility requirements established by the Project Team; sex offenders and persons conveicted of any weapons-related offenses or crimes against children are excluded.  The Project Team includes Debora McGill, Project Coordinator, Dr. Phillip Hodge, Program Manager, Ben Johnson, Reinvestment Neighborhood Group Community Liason, and Steve Ingram, Case Manager.  For additional information on the Project, contact Debora McGill, 502-772-4666 or Ben Johnson, 502-409-2157. Photo:  Ben Johnson and Dr. Phillip Hodge

The next "Let My People Vote" Restoration of Voting Rights/Expungement Workshop will be held at Dismas Charities Portland, 15th & Lytle Street, Wednesday, August 25th.  Archia Kinnard, Asst. Supervisor, Expungement and Information Processing, Hall of Justice will be presenting on the criminal record expungement process.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Jetting Back Down Memory Lane - June 17, 1985

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

I'd like to "Jet"  back down memory lane for a moment, if you don't mind.  I have been a Jet subscriber for many years. As a former Louisville-area urban radio announcer, even as late as a year and a half ago, I was incomplete without my latest Jet edition in hand to reference on air. I have often told up-and-coming announcers to always keep a Bible, a Jet, and a newspaper in hand, and that it is not enough to play good gospel music, but one must constantly seek to communicate news and information that is both timely and relevant.  

This particular Jet Magazine, the June 17, 1985 edition holds a special place in my heart. It is a keepsake that both my husband, Bill Price and I still treasure. Bill Price is the General Manager of WLLV Radio, Christian Talk, and WLOU Radio, now an AM gospel formatted station. We are both pictured here in Jet Magazine amongst the staff members of then R&B formatted WLOU on page 24 in the article, "WLOU-AM Host Gas Sale In KY for 25 Cents Per Gallon".

The late John H. Johnson, Johnson Publishing Company, purchased WLOU Radio, Louisville, Kentucky in the early 1980's. I worked at WLOU from 1981 until 1988 and witnessed the transition in ownership from one pioneer, William E. Summers, III, who was one of the first African Americans in the nation to own and operate a radio station, to pioneer and media mogul John H. Johnson, owner and publisher of Johnson Publishing Company, the company that publishes Jet and Ebony Magazines. WLOU Radio became part of Johnson Communications during the early '80s and continued its season of prominence as a top-rated station both locally and at the national level under then program director Bill Price.

I bless God for Jet and Ebony Magazines. At a time when there was no internet, these magazines helped black Americans stay abreast of news and information relevant to our communities nationwide and throughout the world.

Read the entire Jet:  Jet Magazine, June 17, 1985

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dismas House Men On Fire For Jesus

Min. Angela Lee Price

I praise God for every opportunity He gives me to preach the Word of God. I was invited to bring the morning message at Dismas House Charities in Louisville's Portland neighborhood on Sunday, August 1st. That particular Dismas House Charities location services men in transition and is an outreach of the Greater Good Hope Baptist Church.

The morning opened with a light breakfast, biscuits, sausage gravy, and orange juice. Host Min. Dariel Cochran and his wife Lori gave opening remarks and lead the men in praise and worship. Min. Dariel, who admitted he did not have the gift of singing, sang an acapela rendition of Psalm 1. In my opening remarks, I commented on the courage it took to sing acapela before the group as an act of worship and reference before the Lord knowing that a few of his "unusual" notes would fall on sensitive ears. His wife loved every minute of it.

I preached from the subject, "Now, Run And Tell That!," based on John 20 and Mary Magdalene's encounter with Jesus at the empty tomb. I am amazed at how the Lord tailors a message for a particular audience. I pointed out all the running that was going on in John 20, Mary ran to tell the disciples Jesus' body was missing. Peter and John ran to the tomb, with John outrunning Peter to arrive first. I told them Mary didn't just begin running for Jesus in John 20. She began running with him immediately after He cured her of seven demons, and when the disciples abandoned Jesus, there she and the other women were at the Cross (Luke 8:2). I even talked about Zaccheus, the tax collector and how he ran ahead of the crowd, up a tree and out on a limb to his life-changing encounter with Jesus. I asked the men to stand and touch their toes, and for some it was a challenge. "How are you going to reach your purpose if you can't reach your toes?," I asked. To run for Jesus requires not only courage and conviction, but strength and stamina. In order to run and tell that, you must 1) Start early; 2)Stay fit; 3)Stay late; 4)Stick with it; and 5)Stride wide.

The men were really "on fire" for the Lord! Many of them joined in with me in reciting John 1:1-18 from memory at the close of the message.

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Monday, August 02, 2010

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