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My Life's Lyric by Dewayne Woods CD Reviews And Information

Offering a mixture of comforting ballads, funky up-tempo tunes, and lively praise and worship songs, MY LIFE'S LYRIC is an eclectic and brilliant follow-up to Wood's award-winning debut CD. It is also, according to Woods, a more mature and sophisticated album.
"I've grown a lot since I recorded my last CD, and the songs on this project reflect that," says Woods. "MY LIFE'S LYRIC is an album full of testimonies of everything that I've been through. Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite scripture, and that powerful word is the foundation for this project."

Each track on MY LIFE'S LYRIC not only represents a different experience and a different aspect of Woods' life, but most of all, each song expresses another trait of God's awesome character. With producers including P.J. Morton, Aaron Lindsey, and Daniel Weatherspoon, MY LIFE'S LYRIC includes the debut single "Living on the Top," a remake of the song made famous by Douglas Miller in 1992.
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Single: Living On The Top


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