Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Black Gospel Blog: G.L.O. - Breakthrough

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Jesus Saves Ministries will be giving away great gospel music beginning Monday, December 13th through December 24th in our "12 Days of Christmas" Gospel Music Give-away.  We will be posting reviews, and YouTube videos from the artists whose music will be given away.  From The Black Gospel Blog  is a review of Christian hip hop artist G.L.O.'s latest CD, "Breakthrough."  Join the Jesus Saves Social Network now and your name will automatically be included  in this give-away.

The Black Gospel Blog: G.L.O. - Breakthrough: "San Antonio’s Kim Ruiz, aka G.L.O. (God’s Love Only), is a rarity: a female Christian hip hop solo artist. Even rarer: this female Christian hip hop solo artist is already on her third CD, Breakthrough.

To a soundtrack of pounding industrial beats, Breakthrough features memorable, sing-song choruses with body-jerking repetition. G.L.O. is a rapid fire rapper with plenty of fashion style who stuffs more syllables into a beat than what seems possible. She sings, too, but where her singing voice is sweet and vulnerable, her rhyming is fierce and uncompromising...." (click on link above to read entire review).

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