Monday, January 03, 2011

Game Sportsmanship: When A Loss Is Really A Win

By: Min. Angela Lee Price
Brandon Flippins, a University of Louisville graduate, honored his bet and donned his stepbrother's University of Kentucky sweatshirt briefly after UL's loss to UK on New Year's eve.
My husband, Bill and I hosted a UL-UK game party on New Year's eve. In Kentucky, everything comes to a screeching hault when these two teams take to the basketball court.  We were excited because it was the first UL-UK basketball game in the new arena, the KFC Yum Center.

My son, Brandon Flippins lost a bet to my stepson, Jonathan Price, and Brandon and had to put on an "ichy" UK sweatshirt! Brandon stated, "I'm going to be a man of my word, and honor our bet even though my team lost."  I was in the background praying for Brandon, "Oh, Lord, have mercy on him!"  Brandon and I are both UL graduates, so putting on anything blue and white is out of the question - smile! 

I believe UL's loss was Brandon's win.  In an era where less and less sportsmanship is being displayed among athletes, and fans, for children to emulate, we need men to be men and show young men how to be good sportsmen.  I appreciate my son taking the "high road" and "manning up," as the fellas say. 

Jonathan and Brandon Lawrence, one of Bill's friends from WLOU Radio, were the only two UK fans in the group. They were great sportsmen in their victory, no extensive showboating and taunting, none of that.   I was proud of them, too. 

Let's step up, athletes, and sports fans and be willing to shake hands at the end of these games and begin to do better by God and by our children.  You can say what you want. Young people are watching what you do, not what you say.  Let's set better examples of Christian maturity and show the world what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ.  That is my prayer for 2011.  What's yours?  View more pictures at

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