Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pastor Marvin Sapp Turns Up the Volume

By: Min. Angela Lee Price
My husband Bill and I went to Christ Temple Church Thursday, September 23rd to see Pastor Marvin Sapp. He was the guest speaker for Bishop Michael E. Ford's 19th Pastoral Anniversary. The placed was packed! There were people standing outside listening by the doors waiting to get in when we left. I posted three videos on the website, one of Sapp's opening remarks, and the other two of him singing Best In Me and Praise Him In Advance. Sapp said he would sing Never Would Have Made It at the end.

 I am sorry I wasn't able to post any of his sermon, Turn Up the Volume. However, the sermon dealt with the familiar story of Paul and Silas in the prison cell from Acts 16:25-26 with focus on the B clause of verse 25, "and the prisoners were listening to them." In his opening remarks, Sapp stated that life is filled with swift transition, and we have to function in purpose despite what we go through. We have to function in our assignment even though we don't feel like it. Our problem is we have confused our gifts with our purpose. My purpose is that which I was created for in the beginning of time. Adam was created to be in constant communion with God and to have dominion over the earth. Jesus restored that purpose after Adam sinned. The Holy Ghost didn't come just so we could speak with other tongues. The Holy Ghost came so that we could have power to be effective witnesses. Our purpose is to be worshipping witnesses that have dominion.


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