Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Serving In His Steps Pedometer, Your Gift This Week

By: Min. Angela Lee Price
Your Gift from Jesus Saves Ministries (Quantities limited!):
A SERVING IN HIS STEPS PEDOMETER AND ACCORDIAN DEVOTIONAL, Focus Scripture and Prayers for the Fast-Paced Life, to encourage walking, running, and regular exercise as you walk with Jesus and serve in His steps. Join our discussion in the Reclaiming Your Health Group on the Jesus Saves Social Network!

Put Your Weight On God!
"Trust in the the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6.)

When we sit in a chair, we just sit down it. We place our whole weight in the chair without giving it a second thought. We trust that the chair will hold us. Likewise, we should trust God to hold our weight, carry our burdens and our problems without second guessing His ability to do so.

Do you have a weight problem, give it to God! I have discovered that God knows what He's doing at all times, in times of extreme illness, obesity, adversity, struggle, and even times of death. When we lean, we place part of our weight on God and part of it on ourselves, someone else, or something else. This causes us to worry, snack and eat all the wrong foods, and prolongs our ability to get lean and lose weight. This proverb teaches us to "lean not on our own understanding." We should not lean, for example, on ungodly weight loss plans and surgeries that could potentially leave us in worst shape than we were in the beginning. We should lean not on drugs and appetite suppressants that could potentially leave us jittery and cause us to become addicted to them. We should lean not on quick fixes to cure what it took, in most cases, years to create!
God may not give you a quick fix to your weight problem, but He will give you a certain promise. God promises to "direct our paths" when we acknowledge Him "in all our ways." In acknowledging God and walking in His paths, you might discover it's not what you're eating that's your biggest problem, it's what's eating you! While you wait on God, put your weight on God. Trust in Him fully. He will carry you through!
If you are trying to lose weight right now, how are you putting your weight on God? Name one or two ways we can turn to God for help in losing weight. Childhood obesity is becoming a big problem among our children. What should parents do to help remedy this problem?

Your comments add valuable insight to our discussions on the Jesus Saves Social Network. Brothers, we want to hear from you, too! How are you juggling gym time with work and family responsibilities? If you go to the gym, do you ever witness and talk about God? Don't wait on someone else to say what God has given you to say, comment now and put your weight on God!
You are a blessing to this ministry!

Member Feedback:
"Praise the Lord! I plan to put my weight on God by reminding myself daily of Who God is, what He has already revealed to me of my destiny which involves losing weight so I can be "fit" physically as well as spiritually in His kingdom. I will remind myself that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" with the Holy Ghost living in me and I in Him; By God's grace and the power of the Holy Ghost in me I know that "no weapon formed against me shall prosper" including the temptations of the "lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye" when I want to overeat. As I fast and pray more I know that God will continue to strengthen me so I can exercise longer at least three times a week. I envision great weight loss as I put my weight on God because I know that He will deliver! Hallelujah!!" Cynthia Glenn

"I will stop worrying about things that I have no control over and trust God to carry that weight for me. I will start eating healthy foods and focus on what I can do to lose all of the excessive weight." Yolanda Burnley

"I don't want to lose weight as I have a healthy weight for my height, but I definitely want to tone my body. I used to be in perfect shape & tone the way I wanted, but I've noticed with the long hours & stress from medical school, I find myself always reaching for unhealthy snacks & junk food as I'm always on the go doing something. This fall, I've made a decision to buy more healthy foods that I can snack on. I've noticed that if I don't have any junk food left, I have no choice, but to reach for the fruits & vegetables. The more unhealthy options I have to choose from the least likely I am to pick the healthy foods. I think that's an important thing for parents to remember too as they try to fight the childhood obesity epidemic. If you don't purchase a lot of junk food or make it easily accessible then your kids won't have an option but to eat the healthy foods. However, let me stress that moderation is key. You can have junk food just not all the time." Chantel Jenkins


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