Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Does It Mean to Be Rich?

By: Hannah Drake
The Bible says Jesus comes so that you may have life and have it more abundantly. However, you need to ask yourself, WHAT is the true meaning of having life? Some people are what we would consider rich but poor in spirit. Some people are poor but rich in spirit.

What I do not like to see with some ministers is pimping the people of God. In all walks of life, there are going to be hustlers. Some people see the Word of God as a game they can pimp, and they pimp it to finance big houses, big cars and big expenses. Like anything else, you have to use discernment when you are met by those people. The reality of the situation is, many preachers have used the Word as a get rich quick scheme. God is NOT a slot machine. You cannot call up a million dollar blessing or ALL CHRSITIANS WOULD BE RICH. If it was THAT easy I would have ALREADY called down a ten million dollar blessing. But God does not work that way.

God supplies your NEEDS not your GREEDS and God reserves the RIGHT to bless you with more than you can ever imagine. I have had to catch myself MORE THAN ONCE when I have pulled out that old, "Okay God, I am tithing" line, like I am doing God a favor. God does not need my tithe. God does come so that we may be RICH, but he does not come so that we may be RICH by society's standards.

Rich for me could be HEALTHY, BASIC BILLS PAID, A CAR TO GET ME AROUND, MY KIDS NOT IN JAIL, etc. I know MANY people would trade in all the money in the world if they did not have to recieve chemotherapy or watch their kids die from a crack overdose, or watch their husband slowly die on death row. We as a people need to reprioritize what being RICH means. I will tell you what, in my life, if I could change a FEW FUNDAMENTAL THINGS, I would be happy just down right satisfied if I never had another dollar. Trust that! ~Hannah Drake

Hannah's comments were in response to the post, It's All About the Dollar! Get Rich Or Die Tryin'!
Friday, 07 March, 2008


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