Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stroke Awareness on Menu at KSISA Annual Extravaganza Tasting Event

By: Rev. Angela Lee Price
My husband and legendary Louisville radio personality Bill Price suffered a serious stroke in May 2008 that affected the right side of his body. He was hospitalized for one month and underwent another six months of intensive rehabilitation.

Bill is being honored at the Kentucky and Southern Indiana Stroke Association's The Annual Extravaganza Tasting Event, featuring an evening of food with the region's premier restaurants and chefs, Tuesday, August 25th at The Olmsted on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville for his enduring spirit and triumph over stroke and for his work in the community on educating others and raising public awareness of warning signs and risks.

In a Jesus Saves Ministries Live radio exclusive interview heard only on blogtalkradio.com, Bill shared testimony of drawing closer to God during the ordeal. He states, “I didn’t want any pictures taken. I didn’t want anything to document where I was. That month was trying. I had a closer walk with God. In my darkest hours, I called on many names, the names of my sister and brother and my sons, and even called on the name of my wife, but it wasn't until I called on the name of Jesus that I found hope to make it through the intense recovery process. I began to stop focusing so much on myself and give advice and a helping hand to other patients.”

On the show with Bill was guest Carrie Orman, Executive Director, Kentucky and Indiana Stroke Association. They discussed risk factors for stroke, the third leading killer of Americans each year. Carrie stated that stroke is the number cause of disabilities in adults.
Join Mistress of Ceremonies, Kelsey Starks of WHAS-11 News as we celebrate this remarkable man. Proceeds from this event to benefit the Kentucky and Southern Indiana Stroke Association.
Listen to the interview at Jesus Saves Ministries Live

It is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!

For more information, log onto Kentucky & SI Stroke Association
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