Tuesday, December 09, 2014

West Louisville Boys and Girls Choir Christmas Concert

Bill and I backstage at the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy 15th Annual Hope Awards Christmas Concert, Sunday, December 7th at the Brown Theatre. WLPAA Founder and Director McDaniel Bullitt, his wife lovely Mamie, holding flowers, did an amazing job again this year with a concert that so beautifully ushers in the Advent season.
Honorees and recipients of a glass hands trophy were Michael and Annie Bolden, Kentucky natives, musician and soloists who have performed throughout the United States and around the world.
The spectacular boys and girls choirs rendered a number of traditional Christmas carols including "Carol of the Bells," "Behold the Star," "Credo," "The Christmas Song." They performed a contrary song, "Hero," by Mariah Carey and traditional upbeat rendition, "It Don't Mean A Thing," by jazz great Duke Ellington.  There were special performances by the Love Fellowship Church Liturgical Dance Team, the Christian Academy of Louisville Jazz Band, and the melodious operatic voices of Michael and Annie Bolden. Superintendent John C. Robinson, Sr, Pastor, Bible Way Church of God in Christ gave the invocation.  Amber Dixon and Alexandria Bluitt, ages 9 and 10, welcomed everyone, and Christen Boone, President/CEO Fund for the Arts offered expressions of appreciation to the academy.  Boys choir member Emmanuel King introduced the honorees.  Producer Sherlene Shanklin kept us all on point! This is the third year Bill and I have been  of this concert that not only enhances the cultural experience of West Louisville youth, but also showcases their gifts and talents. Keep listening for Christmas music by the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy on Praize Power 1350 WLOU and the new Praize 104.7 FM!


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