Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrating Black History: This Week's Featured Authors!

President Barack Obama said in his State Of The Union address that just as we celebrate those going to the SuperBowl, we need to celebrate those going to science fairs. Jesus Saves Ministries is celebrating the mental acumen God has given people of color that is expressed in their creative writing abilities. So, make it a point to stop by this network during Black History Month.

Anytime you comment on any discussion this month, here or on the Jesus Saves Social Network, you will automatically be placed in our drawings to receive books by and about people of color. Louisville area authors have graciously contributed their works to bless God for His gifts, inform, encourage, and inspire a future generation of writers and promote reading among African Americans at large including Julia Royston, Dr. Dewey Clayton, Elayne Marchbanks, Karen O'Bannon, Hazel Parrish, Brenda Harris, Lonnie Clinkscale, and Charlene Hampton Holloway.

This Week's Featured Louisville Area Authors:

Win These Books This Month:
How Hot Is Your Love Life? Return to Your First Love
By: Julia Royston

God wants you to know that He loves you. l"How Hot Is Your Love Life? Return to your First Love?" is a book of 30 attributes and charactteristics of God demonstrating and reminding us of His great love toward each of us. Each devotional, song of the day, and simple prayer is designed to bring you closer to your first Love. Rekindle the flame of love. He's waiting.
The Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama
By: Dewey M. Clayton

"Clayton examines how race in American politics has changed over time and offers an explanation for why Obama’s candidacy offers a different roadmap for the future. The Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama provides students of politics, inside and outside of the classroom, a unique opportunity to explore the institutional and structural challenges an African American faces in becoming the president of the United States. This guide to major issues in Black politics and the ins and outs of the 2008 campaign provides the necessary contours for understanding how the highest elected African American official won office.”
Get Out of the Way! Claim God's Will for Your Marriage
By:  Hazel Parrish

This is a real life story about two people struggling through life's challenges to allow God's will to be done in their lives. Two people from two very different backgrounds come together to prove the institution of marriage works when you trust God... When all of the couseling failed, friend's advice failed, self-help books, retreats, and religious jargon failed, Hazel tried one Godly principle (trust). A supernatural manifestation changed her unhealthy marriage to healthy, her unloveable ways to loveable, her hopeless heart ot hopeful, rejection to acceptance and hatred to love. Ultimately, Hazel learned to Get Out of the Way! Claim God's Will for Your Marriage.

View Complete Book List in the Celebrating Black Histroy Group!

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Remember, it is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!


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