Wednesday, February 10, 2010

African-American history and Jesus -- Is Jesus relevant for the black community?

By: Charles Gilmer
Looking at African-American history, is Jesus still relevant for African Americans today? What are the common misconceptions concerning Jesus that have been leveled at the black community?

When you hear the name "Jesus" what images and thoughts come to mind?
Devotion to Jesus has been a large part of the African-American experience. The black church has been and continues to be a powerful force in the African-American community. But many are questioning the propriety of African Americans following Jesus. Should we, as black people, follow this Jesus?

Some suggest that Jesus was a foreign deity forced upon our forefathers and mothers. Others suggest that worshiping Jesus has been nothing more than a psychological narcotic to deaden the pain of our oppressed existence. Still others contend that our forefathers' worship of Jesus was merely a mask for the expression of more ancient religious practices, a cover for the practice of "traditional" African religions.

How should we view that influence as we approach a new chapter of our history? Much is being said, yet is what you've heard the truth? Let's, you and I, examine some of these perspectives about African Americans and Christianity.

The best historical record of Jesus' life is found in the Bible. One of the most frequently posed challenges is directed at this book.

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