Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dr. Julia Hare to "WOW" W.O.W. Conference in Louisville

By: Angela Lee Price

Saturday, April 15, 2006 was a good "hare" day on the radio. No, not because many children were eating chocolate bunny rabbits and hunting Easter eggs. It was a good "hare" day because Drs. Julia Hare was in the house on WLOU!

Dr. Julia Hare, National Executive Director of The Black Think Tank, Social Psychologist, Relationships Specialist, Radio and TV commentator, is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic presenters on major podiums today and remains in high demand for presentations to civic/social corporate and political organizations. She was the keynote speaker for the Wesley House Circle of Caring Dinner on Thursday, April 20th at the Humana Building, 500 West Main Street. She really WOWed them!

One of the most brillant women in America spoke with me briefly by phone from California about her upcoming visit to Louisville. Among other things, she told me she and Tavis Smiley had shared the stage to discuss the book, Covenant With Black America and providing solutions to issues plaguing African Americans. Yes, it was a good "hare" day indeed!

Dr. Julia Hare was one of the 25 leaders, experts, and policymakers sharing the platform for the State of the Black Union Summit in Hampton, Virginia this year. Dr. Julia Hare was off the chain in the second panel discussion. It took the audience a good 20 minutes to compose themselves after she answered a question in typical Hare fashion. Of all that was said, her comments stand out vividly in my mind some three weeks after watching the summit on C-Span on February 10th. More than 10,000 people* attended the day-long summit. She really "WOWed" them!

If you haven't heard Dr. Hare, my radio interview with her last year will give you a good idea of what you don't want to miss at the Women of Wisdom Conference, Saturday, March 17th at St. Stephen Church.

Prepare to be WOWed! For additional information about the WOW Conference, click on the St. Stephen Church link on the right side of this blog.

this is an audio post - click to play -- Angela Lee Price's interview with Dr. Julia Hare
Remember, it's not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!
*Be sure to check out Jet Magazine, February 26th Edition, Page 10 for more on the State of the Black Union Summit 2007.


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