Friday, March 03, 2017

Why Should Millennials Observe Lent?

A Millennial on Lent:
"Lent is about "giving up something." This I know and why is that? If I give it up, will I get it back? Is it like "donating," or something like that? I am trying with exaggeration and on purpose to get your attention in hopes you might say something, educate me, please about what this Lent is and what it really means! I am young, and new to all this, but I heard it on the radio,  and it peaked my interest.  Exactly, then, what does Lent mean to you and what should Lent mean to me? I am young and why should we care? Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?"

Imagine youth and young adults  viewing this season of Lent through a secular lens. Many people talk about giving up something for Lent, and eating fish on Fridays, but still more Millennials don't fast, pray, read their Bibles or attend church. What would you say to young persons about why you do, or do not, observe Lent?  

What are you giving up for Lent?

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