Monday, March 27, 2017

Jesus Saves Ministries Worships At CHCCW, March 26th

We praise the Lord for another opportunity to worship with the staff and residents of Christian Health Care Center West on Sunday, March 26th here in Louisville, Kentucky!  Truly, the Holy Spirit was in the place!  Jesus Saves Ministries friend and ministry partner Sis. Erica Dean brought along members from her church, ⛪ First Virginia Avenue Baptist Church to lead in praise and worship, Assc. Pastor Malone, Sis. Irma Dortey, Sis. Mary Schekels-Jones.  Min. Marian Anderson, New Horizon Worship Center, read scripture and led in a call and response prayer based on John 3:16.
My message on prayer was entitled, The Art of Rising, 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.   I encouraged the residents to not let someone else's false understanding of who they are negatively affect their relationship with God and people. They should not give up on believing God will bless them indeed.  Seniors have a place of honor with God (Eph. 6:2, Prov. 16:31, Lev. 19:32), but problem of dishonor in society, particularly in the US.  Jabez, too, had a place of honor, but a problem of dishonor, his name, "Son of Sorrow," that had the potential to adversely affect his future performance.  But he was a praying man, and God blessed and enlarged his territory, empowered him, and kept him from evil and from doing evil to others.  God is no respector of persons (Romans 10:13, John 3:16, Psalm 71:18-19)), but character and honor gets his attention (John 15:7, 1John 3:22; James 5:15-16; Psalm 34:15).  Jabez had a city named after him where families of scribes continued to learn and teach the good knowledge of God (1 Chron. 2:55).

CHCCW Chaplain Rev. Michael Lee did  an amazing job sharing segments of the resurrection story pertaining to the Last Supper and Jesus washing the disciple's feet as prelude to communion.  Our hearts were saddened to learn of the recent home going of resident, Sis. Winburn who often played piano for ministries who worship at CHCCW. She was the epitome of a senior saint who mastered the art of rising.  She was loved by so many, and will be truly missed.  We wore rose color and shades of pink to commemorate the midpoint of lent.


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