Sunday, January 08, 2017

The No Junk Food Challenge

As I eat a chocolate peppermint candy cane, I say this is good.  No, not the candy cane, although it is good, too. I am referring to this No Junk Food Challenge. After all of the holiday food, to go on a junk free cleanse is a great idea.  It will allow you to bring your body back to a level of "equilibrium. " 
However, if you are preparing to fast, as many are doing at the beginning of year, there needs to be more.   I would add prayer, Bible reading/study, worship and fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters in the Christian faith.  While denying yourself junk food for 21 days, do not deny yourself intimacy with God...Increase it for 21 days!
Your goal as a believer should not be to simply say  that you did this or that for 21 days. No.  Any non-believer, or person of another faith can do that. Any fitness enthusiast can do that. Your goal should be to deny yourself or fast at the beginning of the year in order to draw closer to God and increase your walk with Him throughout the year; praying to be on his agenda, praying for direction and guidance in handling your personal and business affairs, praying and reading the Word of God, and seeking wise, godly counsel for knowledge,  wisdom, and understanding for the journey!   Amen.


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