Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Prayer to the God Who Sees Me

Heavenly and All Wise Father,  You are the God who sees me.  When others overlook, minimize, forget and dismiss me, yet you see me. From the rising of the sun, I say thank you!  To the going down of the same, I say thank you!  You are my Creator, and my Savior, and my Lord.  Thank you, Lord  for loving me and those like me, and for giving us your tender mercies new every morning; for giving us attention, provision, and purpose.  You see our innermost thoughts, flaws and frailties yet you love us! Build us up, Father.  Strengthen us for the journey and for battle!  Give us hearts to obey your Word, and glorify your name. I recognize that I have not been so good. I struggle even now.  My heart is heavy and my soul grieves the error of my ways!  Forgive me!  Forgive those like me!  Draw us close to you again and use us with effectiveness througout the number of our days.  In Jesus name,  Amen.


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