Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SURPRISE!!! Thanks for Birthday Greetings, Surprise Birthday Bash!

Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to all who posted Birthday greetings on my Facebook wall. I feel so blessed, loved, and appreciated. I want to thank my husband, Bill for the awesome surprise birthday party, my family and all who dined with us on Monday, March 16th. Oh yes, I was so surprised to see all the friends, radio staff, and church members, and family on Monday evening.  I thought we'd just go out for a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant.  Instead, the restaurant, complete with servers, came to us!  And no, it was not quiet! We had awesome weather, a delicious meal, catered by Donald's Catering, and great guests for the occasion. Once I got over the shock, I had a blast.  There is a Happy Birthday song (Stevie Wonder style) video.  Hopefully, I can get it posted. Thank you and may God bless you, each and everyone who said a kind word, extended a courtesy, gift, or $3.16 contribution (put the decimal where ever you like) to Jesus Saves Ministries.

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