Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Keas Tabernacle CME Church Celebrates Women's Day 2015

By:  Min. Angela Lee Price
Women Encouraged to Run And Tell That!
We praise God for all that he is doing in the lives of women, and for their many significant contributions through out history.  I am still thanking God for the preached word on Sunday, March 15th in Big Blue Country in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky at Keas Tabernacle CME Church Women's Day! On Selection Sunday, everyone talks "Bracketology" in Kentucky, where we have two powerhouse national championship winning basketball teams, the University of Louisville (2013) and the University of Kentucky (2012). I preached from John 20, selecting my Number 1 Seed for their "Spiritual March Madness," Mary Magdalene. She was the first to run and tell, to deliver the life-changing, life-transforming message on Resurrection Day, He is risen. Through Mary Magdalene, we see how much the lives of women matter to Jesus.  By her actions, we how much Jesus mattered to Mary Magdalene.  I told the congregation that in order to run and tell the world that Jesus saves, we must start early while it’s still dark, stay fit, stay late, search for Jesus, and stride wide.
Recently, three courageous women ran and told it on Facebook, Black Lives Matter. Now that message has become a movement around the world. Our forefathers in the Civil Rights Movement ran and told it, We shall overcome. And 50 years ago, on March 15, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson went to Congress in support of a voting rights bill, stating, “We shall overcome.” With the promise of a bill, our ancestors ran on four more days, from Brown Chapel Church in Selma, across the Edmund Pettus Bridge --some 25,000 marchers--on to the capitol in Montgomery.  
No matter your gender or race, you matter to Jesus. First, run to the altar and confess Him as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9). Run to the altar and ask God to roll away your stone -- the stone of your health issues, gall stones, kidney stones; the stone of your milestones, the accumulated years. God can heal you, and roll back the years that the locust and the cankerworm tried to destroy (Joel 2:25).  Then, run and tell somebody your story and tell'm to the utmost Jesus saves (Matthew 28:19-20)! Now run and tell that!
A BIG shout out to Pastor Vincent and First Lady Felice Farris for their gracious hospitality.  Also, a special thanks to Rev. Pamela Pittman and the liturgical dancers, M.O.D. Squad, Misses of Distinction. Young Lives Matter, too! Many churches all around the nation are dying because they are not reaching our youth with the Gospel. We desperately need young people representing for God in the Kingdom. And M.O.D. Squad, represented well.  In photo with me:  First Lady Felice Farris, and Sis. Cynthia Garrett Freeman, a St. Stephen Church member and Jesus Saves Social Network member who traveled to her former church with me and my husband Bill for Women's Day.

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