Sunday, June 29, 2014

WLOU Makes Health Focus of Third Annual Prayer Breakfast

PraizePower 1350 WLOU and The New Praize 104.7 FM kicked off Summerfest 2014 on Friday, June 20th with prayer, praise, and the preached word at the third annual "Praying for A Healthy Community, Mind, Body, and Soul" Prayer Breakfast at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage.
Guest Speakers included Tanya Beauchamp, registered nurse on "Maintaining the Body, the Temple of God;" Ryan Irvine, Deputy Director, Public Health & Wellness, on "Healthy Louisville 2020."  Keynote speaker Rev. Kevin Nelson preached from the sermon topic, "Creating a Society of Healthy Souls," based on 3 John 1:1-4. He stated that healthy souls produce healthy societies by:
• The LOVE They Extend To Others
• The LIFE They Live Before Others
• The Liberties They Fight For On Behalf Of Others
He concluded a powerful message challenging attendees to train up their youth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ stating, "A healthy soul is impregnated with the word of God which gives birth to living right, and reproduces other souls that grow spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially healthy."
Prayer leaders Rev. Clay Calloway, Rev. Dr. Kathy Goodwin, Rev. Dr. Toni Hawkins, and Rev. David Snardon, lead in prayer on the Summerfest theme, "Life, Faith, Health, and Love."  In praying for love in the community, Rev. Snardon prayed that the community will return to her first love stating, "We confess, Oh God that often times what we call love has been nothing more than a perversion of the real thing filled with empty words and broken promises to you and to each other; and it is evidence by our broken homes, failing religious communities, governmental inaptness, prevalent poverty, the rising number of uneducated, and segregated communities.   But we declare as long as we have you, Oh God there is still hope, and so today we commit ourselves to do what John the Revelator encouraged the church in Ephesus to do and that is to return to our first love.  It is to fulfill the Greatest Command and to love you with all our mind, body, and soul; and to love others in the same regard we love ourselves."
Council woman Cheri Bryant Hamilton gave the response to the welcome.  Dawne Gee served as mistress of ceremonies.  National gospel recording artist M Lamar Campbell ministered in song to a capacity audience.  Survivors of cancer and chronic diseases were recognized. Attendees enjoyed a delicious, healthy brunch catered by Donald's Catering.  Photo:  Bill and Angela Price with Lamar Campbell

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