Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kenwood Church Hosts LOL Concert in Honor of First Lady Marsha Booker

OMG!  The BFFs were out,  choir members were in white and the voices were in harmony!  A high time in the Lord was had by all on Saturday, June 28th at the First Annual LOL Concert in honor of the first lady Marsha Booker in celebration of 27 years of service at Kenwood Northeast Baptist Church, Crestwood, Kentucky. The concert featured musical selections by the Kenwood Northeast Praise Choir, Sis. Julia Royston, Bro. &. Sis. Lamont Butler, and Pastor James Booker Jr.  I served as surprise guest emcee of the ministry of music portion of the program which included mostly worship selections to the Lord. 

A sweet and joyous spirit  permeated the entire program from the Praise Choir's opening selections "There Is A Name," and Lamar Campbell's signature song, "More Than Anything," to Julia Royston's rousing tribute, to Pastor Booker's closing song, "It's Your Time," the theme of the concert.

A bevy of family and church members, and surprise BFF co-workers spoke very highly of  the First Lady, noting her virtuous character, constant smile, pleasant disposition, and strong work ethic as a medical transcriptionist supervisor, her job away from the church.  I began the tribute stating that Sis. Marsha epitomizes  the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a woman who fears the Lord, watches over the affairs of her household, and the church.

Pastor Booker read letters written by family and grandkids away on vacation, and well-wishers.  Additionally, the first lady received an Honorary Citizen of Crestwood proclamation, bouquets of flowers, and a gift basket.   Laughter was great medicine as everyone laughed out loud at Pastor Booker's jokes along the way.


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