Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Review: And Jesus Grew, Now How About You?

By: Min. Angela Lee Price 
And Jesus Grew, Now How About You? by Dr. Kevin Cosby is a short, easy-to-read non-fiction work of 119 pages. It offers a blueprint for becoming a mature and balanced disciple of Jesus Christ. The book is subtitled “Growing Beyond Life’s Stuck Places.” It includes an introduction and five chapters. The chapters are entitled, “Jesus’ Hidden Years, “How Fast Are You Growing Up?,” “Let’s Get Physical,” “Growing Up Means More than Showing Up,” and “Jesus’ Fave Five.” An epilogue, “Now How About You”, and an “About the Author” section complete the book...

And Jesus Grew... is a must read for all believers. Dr. Kevin Cosby uses great illustrations, personal testimonies, humor, and plenty of Bible passages to support his argument for achieving balanced Christian maturity in four areas, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. There are a plethora of Christian discipleship books on the market. Oftentimes the “grow” aspect of many of these books has to do with how to study the bible, find the right small group, or discover your spiritual gifts. Cosby states that physical growth is the most neglected area. And so it is in most books. This is the first book I’ve encountered for laypersons that uses Jesus’ life as a model for achieving holistic spiritual maturity. After reading this book, I am convinced there is more biblical foundation for living life and growing relationally than for living in prolonged isolation as a monk as seen in Thomas Merton.

While the book is targeted to believers, Cosby uses “Jesus’ Fave Five” as an opportunity to speak to unbelievers as well. He witnesses to the lost who might not think they are worthy of salvation. Christians who are internally strong will become externally focused, which is the whole point of growing up in Christ, moving from “bibs” to “aprons,” from milk to pabulum to solid food. Cosby states spiritual growth is the most important growth area; intellectual growth, the most undervalued; physical growth, the most overlooked; and relational growth, the most challenging. Growing up ought to prepare us to move out of our comfort zone to show compassion and offer Jesus Christ to “liars, hypocrites, ungrateful folks, nasty folks, mean folks, ornery folks,” people we don’t like. While recognizing the book is for laypersons, I believe it has a place in academic discussion. I would like to have read more by Cosby on this subject as his ministry is looked upon as a model for church growth and how to do ministry.

The book review was written to fulfill requirements for my Journey to Christ-likeness class at Campbellsville University. The complete review is attached below as a pdf, along with a PowerPoint presentation.  I invite you to become a member of "A Really Good Book," our new online book club on the Jesus Saves Social Network.

Book Review - And Jesus Grew Now How About You?pdf
And Jesus Grew Book Review Presentation.pdf



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