Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Prayer for Our Shepherd's Children

A Prayer for Our Shepherd's Children
Min. Shirley Crenshaw Wooten, St. Stephen Church, Louisville, KY
Thank you, God for giving parents that awesome task of rearing children. Children are buds that grow with every breath. God, you sustain that breath and holds the hands of those rearing the children. How can children grow? They can with Godly guidance, with daily planting with knees that bend constantly in prayer. Crying out to God in daily prayer. Thank you, God for allowing our knees to bend, our eyes to see, your hands to give in times of need. Thank you for the Shephard's touch in His children's lives and allowing the ministering to stay alive. Thank you, God for works of those who push their children to carry every load. Thank you, God for mercy and righteousness. Thank you for the love untold, unfailing love that holds children in place while God is unveiling his plans for a life of demands.
We acknowledge that we all have problems with children sometimes, but who but you, God can understand every time. We know our children are less then perfect, but who but you, God can give them another chance to be what at first they couldn't be. Thank you so, so, much for all children, the children we have so many times left behind, the ones we see on the street corners crossing the street, getting off the buses, going to the stores, walking alone at night, playing on playgrounds, even knocking on doors in strange places. Thank you for children in hospitals, children in mental hospitals, children in homes, and children in centers, Home of The Innocence, and finally children in other countries, cities, states, and places. We pray for them all. In Jesus name, Amen.

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