Monday, April 02, 2012

High Hat, High Fashion, High Praise Pre-Easter Brunch Highlights

By: Min. Angela Lee Price PraisePower
1350 WLOU and the new Praize 1047 hosted a hats, fashion, and Palm Sunday praise celebration on April 1st, and everyone had a high time in the Lord. BET's Sunday Best winner Amber Bullock and national gospel artist Eunice Wright ministered in song at the "Hat Highs, High Fashion, High Praise Pre-Brunch" held at Carly Rae's Restaurant in Louisville. Jesus Saves Ministries was in the building. We have a few audio excerpts to share, including my interview with Eunice Wright, and the impromptu Amber Bullock/Eunice Wright "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" duo. It reminded me of the Anthony Evans/Jesse Campbell duo a few weeks ago on the television show, The Voice. You have to hear it. It is posted on the Main Page of the Jesus Saves Social Network also. Eunice Wright's sophomore CD will be released on April 10th. It is entitled, "Worth It All" and includes her latest single, Hello God.
Grand Diva Enterprises brought some of the most uniquely designed hats I have ever seen. This is the Derby City, and we see a lot of hats this time of year. So, when I say "unique," I mean it. Most, if not all of the hats are created in Nigeria, and some of them came with matching jackets and purses. I had fun participating in the hat show along with nine other women from the audience. Check me out in that teal fascinator! That is what they call those hat pieces that sit on the front of the head. And take a look at Bill in his hat. Doesn't he look marvelous!

The WLOU annoucers shared the stage with midday announcer, Ms. Krystal Goodner (on right with daughter Aerial) and everyone had a good time. Several vendors participated in this event as well. Someone walked away with a Golden Egg with $50.00 cash in it. A high time was had by all!

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