Sunday, July 17, 2011

Those Preachin' Women Conference Salutes First Ladies

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

From left to right: Workshop presenter Rev. Barbara Woods-Washington (Nashville, TN), Mistress of Ceremonies Min. Angela Lee Price (Louisville, KY), Host Pastor and Convener Rev. Kathy Goodwin (Louisville, KY), and Guest Speaker Rev. Cassandra Gray (Shelbyville, KY).
(Louisville, KY)  The four-day Those Preachin' Women Conference in Louisville concluded on Saturday, July 16th with a Celebration of The First Lady Luncheon at Coke Memorial United Methodist Church. Co-Pastor and First Lady, Rev. Cassandra Gray, New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Shelbyville, Kentucky was the guest speaker. St. Stephen Church Associate Minister and Jesus Saves Ministries Founder, Min. Angela Lee Price was mistress of ceremonies.

Conference Convener, host pastor Rev. Kathy Goodwin stated that she too was a first lady when she started in ministry. She believed then that all first ladies were supposed to do was sit on the first row and wear nice hats, clothes, and shoes. She quickly realized that first ladies were often lonely in the since that there were things that happened in ministry that they couldn't discuss with members of the congregation. First ladies are often overlooked for the significant roles they play in serving God along side their husbands in ministry, she stated.

Greencastle Baptist Church, Quinn Chapel AME Church, House of Faith Christian Church, and Right Now Harvest Church were four of several churches represented with their first ladies in attendance. In all, eight first ladies shared insights on their experiences beside their husbands who pastor churches in Kentucky. Several first ladies were ministers who served in roles such as assistant pastor and co-pastor.  Some first ladies expressed a calling to intercessory prayer for their families and congregation.  At least one enjoyed ministering in song, while another stated she enjoyed teaching Sunday school.   Another first lady expressed a call to making members, especially new members feel welcomed in the church. The ladies received gifts from KOG Ministry and Jesus Saves Ministries throughout the luncheon in random drawings.

Guest speaker Rev. Cassandra Gray spoke from Habakkuk 3:16-19 and Matthew 11:12-15 in the message entitled, I Am Not a Cracked Pot. "Ailment, and situations make us feel like we are under such pressure and we can't go on," she stated. Habakkuk goes from questioning God in chapter one to saying yet I will wait patiently on the Lord in chapter three. Gray stated, "We need to say when we can't see it, I will wait on the Lord." We lose heart in the process. The world would have you think you have lost your mind. "The waiting is not about God, it is about us," she stated.

The theme of the conference was Prayer and Praise Under Pressure.  Preachin' women from various Louisville-area churches brought the prayer, praise and the preached Word nightly July 13th - 15th.


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