Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jesus Saves Social Network Extends Open House Through Friday!

Praise the Lord!
Good Morning, Everybody! We praise the Lord for His move on the Jesus Saves Social Network this month! He has sent 12 new members to us recently, nine in June and we are so glad about it! He is stirring the hearts of our current members to get more involved and we are glad about that, too! We have extended our Open House through this week. Tell your church members, friends, family, and co-workers, saved and unsaved, about the Jesus Saves Social Network.

Several of our new members have jumped in with both feet and have posted alot of new content on the network! Be sure to check out the new blog and forum posts, events, and videos and photos! Better yet, add yours, too and help demonstrate that Jesus is active and moving in this season to accomplish His awesome will in our lives!

Show yourselves friendly and extend friend request this week.

How to extend Friend Request:

Before extending friend requests be sure to read Guidelines for Participating on This Network located under the blogs tab at top of any page. To extend friend request, go to person's page you want to invite and look for "Add As Friend" link on left side page near top. If you want to invite several people, go to Members tab at top of any page to see all members. You will have to invite each person individually though. When someone excepts your request, you can send messages to them individually, or to all or some of your friends at same time. Building your friends list will allow you to share blog posts with them, invite them to your events, and target specific messages as you wish. Please extend friend requests and show yourself friendly!

Click HERE to View Open House Gift List!


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