Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who May Vote Early In Jefferson County and Kentucky

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

I saw on the local news last night that approximately 25,000 people in Kentucky and 40,000 in Indiana have already voted by absentee ballot.  I want to take this opportunity to remind you that absentee voting is underway in Jefferson County (Louisville), Kentucky, Indiana and a number of states.

In Kentucky, October 26th is the last day to request an application for an absentee ballot. Those persons who will not be in town on election day, college students away at school, military personnel who will be out of the city, employees whose jobs will have them out of the city are eligible to vote now via absentee ballot. Away college students who will be in town over the few days can walk in and vote at the 810 Barret Avenue location prior to the election. They may also request a ballot online. It will be mailed to them and must be received by November 1st. 

Other groups who may want to take advantage of absentee voting are members with disabilities regardless of age, women in their third trimester of pregnancy, anyone scheduled for surgery on election day, or who have had surgery recently, seniors not able to get to the polls, and those incarcerated by not yet convicted of a crime. I spoke with Robert Dunn at the Election Center at 810 Barret in Louisville, and he stated that anyone calling to say they have a disability will be sent an application for an absentee ballot. They will not be turned down. The ballot must be received by November 1st. This includes people in wheelchairs, those who have had surgery recently, and the elderly.

A complete list of eligible persons for absentee voting is available at the link below. For more information, contact Sally or Becky at 502-574-6100.

Election Day Is Over For Millions of Early Voters
With Two Weeks to Go, Senate and House Control Remain In Play

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