Friday, January 01, 2010

Watch Night Breakfast Winners Ring In New Year with Jesus Saves Ministries!

By: Rev. Angela Lee Price
Jesus Saves Social Network members Monica Hughes, left with Jesus Saves Ministries founder Rev. Angela Lee Price, and Ronnie Palmer, below, started the new year off right with worship, Word and Watch Night breakfast courtesy of The Embassy Theatre Group and Jesus Saves Ministries. They were winners in our drawing from the "What Is Your New Year's Resolution?" forum on the Jesus Saves Social Network.

Monica attended watch night service at her church, King Solomon Baptist Church, and Ronnie attended worship service at The Church of the Living God last night. Immediately after services, they and their guests enjoyed a Watch Night breakfast with all the fixin's at the Southern Star Development Center courtesy of the Embassy Theatre Group and Jesus Saves Ministries.

In addition to tickets to the breakfast, they each received The Net Christian E-Newsletter Journal, a Lord's Prayer coffee mug, delicious Door County Gourmet Christmas Scripture coffee, two tealights, a Jesus Saves Newsletter, Jesus Saves refrigerator magnet, American Diabetes Association Soul Food Recipe Sampler, and brochures for healthy eating and living. As a new member to the network, Monica received the book, The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner, the book upon which the movie starring Will Smith is based.

Monica's resolution: "Good Evening Ms Angela...a New Years Resolution for me is to get my life together spiritually and financially, so that I can be a better mother/father for my kids. And live my life "DRAMA and STRESS FREE"......Have a blessed night!!!"

Ronnie's resolution: "My New Years's Resolution is to get healther, and to lose the extra pounds I have picked up in the last couple of years. I'ved done it before, and I know I can do it again."

Happy New Year, Monica and Ronnie. Thank you for sharing your New Year's resolutions with us! May God bless you to fulfill your resolutions in 2010!

Lifting you up in a down economy, we are Jesus Saves Ministries!

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