Friday, January 15, 2010

Gospel Stage Play to Do Back Door Evangelism

By: Min. Angela Lee Price
This first month of 2010, please join me in fasting and praying specifically for souls to be saved in our communities. I am asking the Lord to give all with a heart for evangelism a new boldness to witness to those who are lost and to those who have drifted away from the church by inviting them to a gospel stage play.

Saturday, January 23rd affords those of us in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area an opportunity to witness in a unique way through an indirect, "back door" evangelism approach with the gospel stage play, Church Mess. The play's producers, Pastors Chad and Alicia Robinson Cooper, have partnered with several local churches and will extend an invitation to all who attend to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Representatives from partnering churches will be prepared to receive those who come forward.

Church Mess features the religious church mother, the moneyhungry deacon, the financially strapped college student that is having an affair with the deacon, the choir member that lives an alternative lifestyle, the members that are in love with the pastor, the "down-low brother" that's hooked on pornography, and the playboy minister of music. While some, if not all of these issues may be prevalent in today's church, this play also portrays the church as the best institution in the world for complete healing and deliverance. Although, many churches are confronted with "Church Mess," the universal theme of the production is the power of God through deliverance.

"Church Mess is starting a revival through professional urban theater as thousands across the nation stand in line to see and experience the power of deliverance through comedy and drama," states Chad Cooper.

Though several plays have targeted the church community in recent months, none have opened the doors of the church. Pastors Chad and Alicia Robinson Cooper have been performing the play for five years, and each time they have extended the invitation to receive Christ to playgoers. Louisville will make their 77th performance. It is my prayer that you will pray with me regarding this unique evangelistic approach to meet people where they are and introduce, or re-introduce them to Christ, as the case by be, that the Lord prepares the hearts of playgoers to receive salvation and/or reconciliation by power of His Holy Spirit.

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