Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Thumbs Up for The Clean Up Woman

By: Rev. Angela Lee Price
Two thumbs up for The Clean Up Woman! Don't miss this stage play if it comes to a city near you. It was at the Louisville Palace in Louisville for two showings on Sunday, October 11th, and it was fabulous! It had twists and turns, great singing, an all-star cast, and a revolving stage with three scenes. It was uplifting, clean with no profanity.

Producer JD Lawrence, in photo with Jesus Saves Social Network ticket winner and blogger Therese Warrick, and myself, greeted everyone at the end of the performance and stated that additionally his goal was to present positive depictions of the black male. He did that, plus more. You certainly got the sense that some of his characters believed in God and went to church, and then there was the Scripture-quoting "devil." All I could say was, "Jesus rebuke you, Satan!" JD did a wonderful job conversing with, or shall I say, clowning audience members during the play. It was hilarious!

I met Christopher Williams from New Jack City fame. Both he and JD were very hospitable joking with fans as they signed autographs and took pictures with them. The deejay did a wonderful job, too, keeping everyone entertained at the intermission. He had'em dancing in the isles with great ol' school hip hop.

Two thumbs up for the Clean Up Woman!!! It is not your typical play on the love triangle and infidelity. It was much better than we could have imagined. We can't wait to see Clean Up Woman Part Two and the movie next year.

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