Monday, January 29, 2018

A Mother's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Lord, we love You and adore You. Forgive our sins and those of our children. I come to you on behalf of mamas, grandmamas, "Big Mamas," "Get Mamas," "Nanas" and God Mothers everywhere, women of God submitted to Your way, Your will, and Your Word. Father, give them knowledge, wisdom and understanding to face life’s parenting challenges with dignity and discernment. Lord, when the load seems too heavy, help them remember that You are the burden bearer, that with You all things are possible.

Abba, when mamas, grandmamas, and Big Mamas cry out in the midnight hour on behalf of their children, help them recall the work of our ancestors, and the strength of womanhood from previous generations, and the godly women You've given as examples in Your Word.

Help them remember that African American women endured unjust and inhumane treatment, extreme hardships in this nation's history to protect and rear their children. Help them remember the unfeigned faith of Timothy’s grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice, women who instilled a steadfast faith in the young preacher Timothy. It was a faith that caused Paul to declare to in 2 Timothy 1:5,"I am persuaded that it is in thee also.”

When confronted with rebellious children and rebellious parents who neglect parenting responsibilities, help your mamas, grandmamas, and Big Mamas recall the prayer of our sister Dr. Renita Weems in the book, Showing Mary (page 177):

“When I am tempted to doubt myself
and question my gifts and experience,
Remind me, God, of all that I know,
And that which I don’t know that I

Remind me who I am and whose I am.
Even when I hide behind
piety to
avoid doing what must be done,
and use you as an excuse for
for lack of action, for silencing myself.

Love me enough
to lift the lid off my basket,
and order me to stop crouching in the dark,
Like a woman without a God.”

In Jesus Name, Amen.
Remember, it is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!


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