Thursday, April 05, 2007

Angela Lee Price Goes One-On-One With Dr. Julia Hare

By: Angela Lee Price

On March 23rd on Jesus Saves Ministries LIVE!, I went one-on-one with psychologist, author, and highly sought-after speaker Dr. Julia Hare, Executive Director of the Black Think Tank. Dr. Hare is the author of several books including The Black Agenda, and How To Find And Keep A BMW (Black Man Working).

Here is two of several questions:

Angela: There are some who say blacks are the cause for their own problems and they overlook systematic racism.

Dr. Hare: “The disturbing factor here is that you have too many blacks trying to blame the victim. It’s a simple thing to blame a victim for something. We like to blame all the sisters who are trapped in some form of public housing..., we blame the victim when our schools are sub-standard..., when we’re still the last hired and first fired..., we like to look at our federal government and we see there are about 18 female senators and not one is black..., when there are about six female governors and not one is black,...How are you going to blame the victim when the victim is not at the table?”
Angela: As a black nation, where do you see us in the 21st Century?

Dr. Hare: I see us exactly where we going to allow ourselves to be. See, the problem is that we are still sitting back waiting for the very people who helped to put us were we are to come and free us. It just doesn’t happen that way….Nothing can make your life work until you become the architect…. We constantly live under most of the stereotypes, we don’t want to work, and we’re the welfare queens,...they like to say something is wrong with our male-female relationships,... But, what they don’t tell you that in the highest rungs of the society, look at the White House, dysfunctionality there! But that’s never mentioned. It’s only us. They’ll talk about black people living in public housing. George Bush lives in public housing, too! Aren’t you paying for it?... Anytime the public is paying, that’s public housing. We only want to blame ourselves, but not look at some of the external factors.

Now, I realize a lot of this we can correct, and I am convinced that 99% of it we are going to have to correct, but you can’t tip through the tulips if you are going to do that….

Remember, it is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!


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