Saturday, February 11, 2006

Are You Letting Yourself Down?

By: Angela Lee Price
Dr. Kevin Cosby delivered the keynote address at the Pride, Inc. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday observance at St. Stephen Church on January 16th.

Front left to right: Pride, Inc. organizer George Burney (standing), Jefferson County Sheriff Colonel John Aubrey, and Louiville Metro Police Chief Robert White (seated).

Delivering a fiery keynote address, Dr. Kevin Cosby, Senior Pastor of St. Stephen Church and President of Simmons College of Kentucky asked at the 34th Annual Pride, Inc. Martin Luther King, Jr. rally, "Are You Letting Yourself Down?" The King holiday event was held on January 16th at St. Stephen Church for the first time, and drew its largest crowd ever.

Citing the familiar Bible story of Aaron fashioning a golden calf to appease the Israelites while Moses was on Mount Horeb with God, Dr. Cosby said the black community and many churches are listening to the voice of decline, the voice of Aaron instead of the voice of discipline, the voice of Moses on many important issues.

Market-driven churches are listening to Aaron when they close their doors on Christmas and fashion programs to accommodate the people. Cosby said, "The community does not set the agenda for the church, the Word sets the agenda."

This is a five-minute excerpt from the sermon Are You Letting Yourself Down?

Remember, it is not Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!


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