Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Prayer for the Incarcerated - October 27th

A Prayer For the Incarcerated - October 27th (Abbreviated)
By:  Maurice Jackson, Worship Director, Bread of Life Church, Kansas City, MO
Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus I pray for all those who are incarcerated. Let Christ be preached to every inmate, in every jail and prison across this nation! I pray that they would confess and repent of their sin against You, and for crimes committed against others. Let them respond to the gospel that announces that Christ came to free those held captive to sin and spiritual bondage (Lk 4:18). I pray that MANY prisoners be converted to Christianity- being delivered from unwholesome alliances that perpetuate negativity and violence. Bless those who are incarcerated to be delivered from bad habits, entanglements, addictions, bondages and strongholds of every kind! May they turn away from any ungodliness and allow You to lead them in righteousness (Ps 23:3). I pray they humble themselves and come to Your throne of grace and find mercy and helpful intervention in their situation of confinement (Heb 4:16).
Your Word teaches us that You, God, have gotten glory out of the lives of various men who were imprisoned. May inmates be encouraged to know that Joseph became a great government official after serving time from a false accusation. And from a jail cell, the Apostle Paul wrote the inspiring letters that make up most of the Books of the New Testament- which still impact countless lives (Eph 4:1). So, what the devil intends for a bad outcome, God will turn around for a good outcome (Gen 50:20). And though the confined be chained and shackled over the course of a seemingly endless sentence, help them Lord, to know that being in Christ makes them truly free indeed (John 8:36). Let the greatest part of their rehabilitation be the work of the Holy Spirit renewing their inward being- for where The Spirit of The Lord is, there is LIBERTY. In the powerful name of JESUS I pray, Amen!


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