Thursday, June 09, 2016

Min. Angela Tours Newly Opened Muhammad Ali Home Museum

I paid my respects at the newly opened Muhammad Ali Home Museum on Sunday, June 5th, and toured the home.  If ever you are in Louisville, please travel to 3302 Grand Avenue in West Louisville and take the tour. It will bless you! The cost is $8.00. I met both the curator, Evan Bueketto, and Ms. Barbara, the lady responsible for the interior design. They have done an amazing job in recreating a vintage home of the 1940's through 1960's with photos of the family and personal Clay family artifacts. One the walls throughout the home is the Clay family in their own words, their history.  I was surprised to discover that someone who had done some painting at my house 10 years ago, Darrell Malone (in middle of first photo) was responsible for painting the exterior of the home pink. As they were examining the layers of paint before the restoration, they discovered the pink underneath, and restored the color. Video and cameras are not allowed inside.

Me with Ms. Gee, Dawne Gee mother who conducted our tour of the home, and Sherryll Summers, whose father William E. Summers III, owned WLOU and was the first black to own a radio station in the state of Kentucky.


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