Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Move of the Holy Spirit

I love it when God opens the eyes of my understanding to see what was there all along!  Oh, to see as God sees!  Oh, to have a revelation, and be able to share it with others!  It makes my heart happy, and my toes tingle!  That is why regular Bible study is so important.   People who go to church  for worship alone don't grow as they could or should.  Your Bible should have underlined words, highlighted sentences, and dog-eared pages.  There should be dried tear-stained passages where the word of God has gripped your heart.  There should be circles, marks, and squiggle lines in the margins where you have mediated and pondered the meaning of the text and its significance in your life. We thank God for His Word, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are praying for the manifest presence of God in our lives, a move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the people of God to study the word of God, serve God, and witness to a dying world!  Jesus saves!


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