Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kenwood Baptist Church Hosted Good Friday Presentation, 7 Last Words of Jesus

I had the great honor to speak at a Good Friday Service, a presentation of the 7 Sayings of Jesus Christ from the Cross at Kenwood Northeast Baptist Church, Rev. James Booker, Sr, Pastor. I spoke on the sixth saying, the word of triumph, "It is Finished." The story of Jesus was the greatest story ever told, and "Tetelestai - It is finished," the greatest word ever uttered! I am so full with gratitude on today because the Holy Spirit, through this assignment gave me expanded understanding on this word for the people. I enjoyed the service and ministry of music, and of course the powerful words by ministers from More Than Conquerors Church, Greater Salem Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, St. Stephen Church Hardin County, St. Stephen Church Louisville/Jesus Saves Ministries, and Kenwood Northeast Baptist Church.


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