Monday, January 11, 2016

The Benefits of Restored Relationship With God

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way in which you should go: I will guide you with my eye" Psalm 32:8.
Psalm 32 describes the blessings of restored relationship with God; the benefits of forgiveness like none other. As we face the new year, the question you must answer is, Will you walk with God or walk in your own understanding letting your conscious be our guide? Don't follow your own way, my sisters and brothers. Oftentimes, our feelings are fickle and our "unctions" won't function. They may lead you down the yellow brick road. Don't trust your GPS at the expense of wisdom and experience either, but in all things get biblical understanding (v 9). Don't trust in so-called pundits or experts, nor in horoscopes nor rituals. We need an adequate Guide in 2016 because we have not passed this way before, and we don't know what lies ahead. But God knows all things, and He knows what's best for each of us.  Let the Lord lead and guide you!
Psalm 32 shows us that the Lord will instruct, teach, and guide those who are willing to obey and follow Him, acknowledge and confess their sins in prayer (v5). God's guidance does not contradict the plan teaching of Scripture. The right way will not always be the easiest way. And following God will require faith. The wrong road, no matter how nice, no matter how beautiful, however, will never lead to the right place. I'd rather be with God in a storm on a raging sea than be without him on dry ground, wouldn't you?
The Spirit of the Lord leads us if we are in close fellowship with Him. This is a good time to consecrate yourself or recommit yourself, or return to the Lord.  The Lord opens doors where He wants us to go, and closes doors where He does not want us to go. We know we are in the right path when three aspects of His guidance lines up: His Word, His leading in circumstance, and the leading of His Spirit.  These are the benefits of a restored, a right relationship with the Lord.
Have a blessed and productive new year walking with the Lord!


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