Thursday, February 12, 2015

Keas Tabernacle CME Church Women's Ministry Discover "YOU-nique Gifts & Talents"

By:  Min. Angela Lee Price
On Saturday, February 7th, I conducted a workshop, entitled "YOUnique Gifts and Talents" at Keas Tabernacle CME Church  in Mt. Sterling, KY. Approximately 25 women came out for the Women Ministry's Retreat, additionally a few men were in attendance including my husband Bill. The Ladies received information on the importance of using their spiritual gifts, discussed the difference between gifts and talents, completed spiritual gift assessments, and discussed putting their gifts to use.
This was a glorious workshop! There was great dialogue. Some women received confirmation on what they're to do this year while others were surprised by what their assessments revealed.
The Holy Spirit was present, and everyone seemed to have been inspired to either use or begin using their gifts! I told them that there are too many people sitting on the premises instead of standing on the promises in the body of Christ. As a result we have people being "toss to and fro by the waves and blown here and there by every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:16). The more people operating in their gifts, the less burnout there will be, and the stronger the church will be! We serve an AWESOME God, and our primary mission is to accomplish His will on earth, "thy Kingdom come, thy will be done!" This can only be done as each of us is mobilized to serve in our proper places in the body of Christ.

We give a BIG shout-out to First Lady Felice Farris who was persistent for one year in scheduling this workshop.  Here is a note I received from Keas Women's Ministry member Mary Garrett, who assisted us in preparing materials for the workshop:
"Minister Angela I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for being so gracious to come to Keas Tabernacle last Saturday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned by taking the assessment that I have grown in areas since I took my last assessment and showed me that I need to improve in others.  I thank you for that.  I am looking forward to seeing you next month at our Women’s Day program.  The colors for that day are white with black accessories, if you wanted to blend in with the rest of us.  I was not aware that you knew my cousin Cynthia Garrett Freeman until I saw the posts on Facebook.  It still amazes me how God lines people up to meet, for His purpose.  Take care and thanks again for such a wonderful presentation."  Mary Garrett, Keas Women's Ministry:  


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