Sunday, January 26, 2014

WLOU Radio Hosts "Dollars for Nikki," for Radio Personality Battling Cancer

On Friday, January 24th, WLOU GM Bill Price, and midday personality Ms. Krystal along Ms. Virginia Bradford, the Kentucky African Americans Against Cancer (KAAAC), the Kentucky Cancer Program hosted a special live call-in radio program and forum, "Dollars for Nikki," from 1-3 pm on PraizePower 1350 WLOU and The New Praize 104.7 FM. The purpose of the show was to raise donations for radio personality Nikki Love (Asia Ludlow) who is battling stage-four cancer, and to raise awareness of the prevalence and severity of breast cancer in African American women. Former radio colleagues from various stations in Louisville and across the country called in and spoke with Nikki, who participated by phone. Cancer survivors shared their testimonies also. A great many friends dropped by the station to lend their support.
It was a beautiful tribute to Asia Ludlow. At the end of the tribute, Asia spoke about how all the calls from former radio colleagues and friends from near and far who called into WLOU Radio filled her with joy. I told Asia she has joy because she knows how to spell "Joy," J-Jesus first, O-Others second; and Y-Yourself last. That is the recipe for joy, and it is oftentimes very hard to do in the midst of trial.
Rev. Kathy Goodwin, Pastor, Coke Memorial United Methodist Church dropped off a donation stating we often wait until its too late to give people their flowers, crowding funeral homes and churches with wonderful sentiments for the deceased, but that's not how it should be done. We should give people their flowers while they yet live. Check out pictures on the PraizePower 1350 WLOU and The New Praize 104.7 FM Facebook page from the many friends, supporters, cancer survivors who came to the radio station to donate and show lots of love to Asia Ludlow, aka "Nikki Love!" If you'd like to make a donation to "Dollars for Nikki," call 502-776-1240, or bring donations to the radio station at 2001 West Broadway, Suite 13, weekdays during regular business hours.

Kentucky African Against Cancer "Hosts Joining Hands Against Cancer"


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