Thursday, March 21, 2013

Deacons Discover Gifts at School of Reglion

At the invitation of Deacon's Ministry Class facilitator, Rev. Samuel Bland, Greater St. Mark Baptist Church, Louisville, I gave a brief overiew on Spiritual Gifts on Tuesday at the J.L. Roberts School of Religion held at First Virginia Avenue Baptist Church, Rev. Charles Duncan host pastor.
First, let me say it was a blessing to see so many churches from across Kentucky in attendance on Tuesday night worshipping and breaking bread through the study of the Word of God, in a spirit of unity in accordance with Ephesians 4, one of my favorite passages on spiritual gifts. My pastor, Rev. Kevin Cosby and the St. Stephen Church Legacy Choir lead us in worship.
Secondly, I enjoyed speaking, although ever so briefly, to the deacon's class on this subject about which I am passionate. I have the uptmost respect for the office of the Deacon and the men and women who tirelessly give of their time, talent, and treasures in service to God, their pastors, and church congregations. It is extremely important for deacons to know and effectively use their spiritual gifts if the church is to connect, grow, serve, and go all around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It warmed my heart that the group of approximately 20 deacons and deacons in training enthusiastically asked questions and wanted to know more about their gifts.
Finally, I want to encourage everyone on this network to attend a spiritual gifts class or workshop and take a spiritual gifts assessment, especially if you are a believer who has never attended a Spiritual Gifts class and taken assessment, or if it has been a few years since you have done so.
I have embedded a Gifts of the Holy Spirit PowerPoint Presentation as an introduction to the subject of Spiritual Gifts.   After reviewing it, click here to take a short Spiritual Gifts test online. This 35-question online test measures 7 the spirtual gifts found in Romans 12:6-8. I have used as a resource in the past.  MinTools a wealth of information as well as a great Q&A page.
Ask God in prayer to continue to show you what gifts He has given you and how He wants to use you in ministry. Talk to people in your church. Then, step out on faith and stir up your gifts. Christians were not saved to sit, but saved to serve!
I want to thank Rev. Bland for extending an invitation tfor me to share one night of his four-night course. Tonight is the last night for the J.L. Roberts School of Religion. Make your way there if you can. You will be glad you did!

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