Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bishop Victor Couzens Encourages Men to "Man Up!"

By: Min. Angela Lee Price

Men's Day choir processional.  The theme this year was "Man Up."
Bishop Victor Couzens, Pastor, Inspirational Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, was the Men's Day speaker at my home church, St. Stephen Church, Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday, September 12th.

His 11:30 sermon was entitled, While Men Slept, based on Matt 13:24-29. He said, "Whenever and where ever God sows seed there is always a very specific assignment attached to the seed God has sown... You are the salt of the each and light of the world. You are called to penetrate and illuminate.. The devil ought to hate to see you coming because he should know that you will do severe damage to his kingdom," he said.

Pastor Kevin Cosby with Bishop Victor Couzens and Men's Choir.
"We always run the risk of encountering satanic attack. It comes to test and verify who you are... It is time for men to wake up so that God can use you to turn tares into wheat. God has hoodlum unbelievers who are tares, but if we reach them, they will get saved... God is waiting on us to wake up, pray up, sing up, lift up, and man up. Satan is only successful when men sleep," said Couzens.

"Men who won't invest in the stock market, but buy a lottery ticket every Friday are asleep. Men who put on $500 clothes to drive a $40,000 car only to park it in front of a house they are renting are asleep. Men who check their tire pressure before checking their blood pressure are asleep, he told the congregation 

Bishop Couzens called the 11:30 worship congregation to the altar for prayer at the close of service.  To view additional video click here.
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