Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dismas House Men On Fire For Jesus

Min. Angela Lee Price

I praise God for every opportunity He gives me to preach the Word of God. I was invited to bring the morning message at Dismas House Charities in Louisville's Portland neighborhood on Sunday, August 1st. That particular Dismas House Charities location services men in transition and is an outreach of the Greater Good Hope Baptist Church.

The morning opened with a light breakfast, biscuits, sausage gravy, and orange juice. Host Min. Dariel Cochran and his wife Lori gave opening remarks and lead the men in praise and worship. Min. Dariel, who admitted he did not have the gift of singing, sang an acapela rendition of Psalm 1. In my opening remarks, I commented on the courage it took to sing acapela before the group as an act of worship and reference before the Lord knowing that a few of his "unusual" notes would fall on sensitive ears. His wife loved every minute of it.

I preached from the subject, "Now, Run And Tell That!," based on John 20 and Mary Magdalene's encounter with Jesus at the empty tomb. I am amazed at how the Lord tailors a message for a particular audience. I pointed out all the running that was going on in John 20, Mary ran to tell the disciples Jesus' body was missing. Peter and John ran to the tomb, with John outrunning Peter to arrive first. I told them Mary didn't just begin running for Jesus in John 20. She began running with him immediately after He cured her of seven demons, and when the disciples abandoned Jesus, there she and the other women were at the Cross (Luke 8:2). I even talked about Zaccheus, the tax collector and how he ran ahead of the crowd, up a tree and out on a limb to his life-changing encounter with Jesus. I asked the men to stand and touch their toes, and for some it was a challenge. "How are you going to reach your purpose if you can't reach your toes?," I asked. To run for Jesus requires not only courage and conviction, but strength and stamina. In order to run and tell that, you must 1) Start early; 2)Stay fit; 3)Stay late; 4)Stick with it; and 5)Stride wide.

The men were really "on fire" for the Lord! Many of them joined in with me in reciting John 1:1-18 from memory at the close of the message.

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