Monday, June 10, 2013

God The Father, Godly Fathers, and The God Fathers

By:  Min. Angela Lee Price

As we celebrate Father's Day on the Jesus Saves Social Network, we are discussing three categories of fathers, God the Father, Godly Fathers, and The God Fathers.  Join us in our discussions this week by commenting on one of these categories of fathers:
  1. God The Father                                                                                   Using the Word of God, provide examples of how God the Father was a great father to God, the Son. 
  2. Godly Fathers
    What is the difference between godly fathers and those who perpetrate in the spirit of  the movie "Scarface" and "The God Father?"  Give examples of godly fathers in your family, church and/or community. 
  3. The God Fathers
    What does God have to say to young fathers who have gotten caught up in the lifestyle of drugs, fast money, cars, women, and illegal commerce, i.e. to men who present themselves not at godly fathers but as gangsters or "God Fathers"? 
  4. Identify men or verses in the Bible that you would attribute to one of the three "father" categories.  For example, you can identify your favorite verse by or about God the Father, identify your favorite "godly father" or the most infamous father. 
Post your comments here or join our discussions on the Jesus Saves Social Network
We are grateful for fathers who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who realize that God's grace, full of mercy and justice, is the force that gives all of us life and men the opportunity to be fathers.  

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