Friday, May 21, 2010

Happenings This Week On the Jesus Saves Social Network

If you enjoy reading the Jesus Saves Ministries Blog, we invite you to join the Jesus Saves Social Network. Here's a sample of the happenings this week:

Welcome New Members:Please welcome this week's new members Rev. Leon Taylor, and Richard Little.  Rev. Taylor has uploaded a number of preaching videos so click on the Video link at the top of your page to check them out. Be sure to stop by their pages, extend friend request and show them some Christian love.

Celebrating Birthdays: Happy belated birthdays to Steven Heard and my niece Porsha Taylor.

Featured Member:This week's featured member is Paula Loving. Paula is a writer and poet. She was the winner of our Mother's Day Basket.  Please stop by the Main Page to read about how the Lord is moving in her life.  Next week's featured member will be Billy Hamblin.

We're Celebrating Our 2010 Graduates:
If you are graduating in the spring or summer, post your name, school, degree and graduation date on our Congratuations Gradutes Blog Post or in the Praise Break Group.  We want to recognize this mighty move of God in your life.  If your husband or wife is graduating this year, we want to celebrate them too.  All graduates will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Jesus Saves Newsletter.  One graduate will be blessed to receive a Jesus Saves Ministries Graduation Gift Basket on June 3rd.  The offer limited to US residences only. 

If your church or ministry is having an event that you'd like our members to know about, add it to the Events Page by clicking on the Events link at the top of your page.  Be sure to include a flyer or picture to enhance your event.

Blog Posts:
I would like to ask particularly preachers, pastors, ministers, teachers, those of you with published materials, and with your own Christian websites elsewhere to consider sharing samples of your written material with us as blog posts, devotions, poems, sermon excerpts, prayers or whatever it is the Lord has given you.  I would like to feature blog posts more often, but find it difficult when there is not much participation or when only one or two people do all the writing.  Do not sit on your gifts.  I encourage you to use them here, too to the glory of God. 

Featured Groups:
1. The Least of These: The Least of These Group addresses issues of concern to the poor, homeless, marginalized, and disabled and disadvantaged per Matt. 25: 35-40.
2. Prayers of the Righteous: Become a prayer warrior in this group, post prayer concerns, prayers for your family, friends, co-workers and communities to experience a closer walk with Jesus Christ. 

3. Saving S.O.U.L.S.: Saving S.O.U.L.S. (Saints Organized and United to see the Lost Saved) - For those passionate in seeing the lost saved; dechurched Christians
reconnected with Christ. Group shares witnessing tips, encourages one another in all forms of evangelism.
4. NEW! - Preach The Word: We have added a new group called Preach The Word.
Preach the Word offers resources for preachers and ministers in training, and a place where clergy can fellowship. "Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season..." 2 Timothy 4:2.
5. NEW! - Praise Break: We have added a new group called Praise Break, a place to talk gospel music, share praise reports, breakthroughs, and testimonies.
6. Route 66 - A Bible study group for discussing Sunday school lessons and the 66 books of the Bible.
7. Celebrating Black History: This group celebrates the accomplishments of people of color across the world and raises awareness of role people of color played in the Old and New Testaments.

Feel free to post comments, blog posts in these groups as the Spirit of God moves you. 

Your Financial Support Is Needed:
This ministry exists to minister to people in need. If you can find it in your heart to support Jesus Saves Ministries, Louisville monetarily, we would greatly appreciate it. You will receive one of our journals as our gift to you when you send a love offering of $10.00 or more. If you would like to partner with Jesus Saves Ministries in some way, we would love to hear from you. Your prayers and support are needed.  Contact me, Min. Angela Lee Price, or call 502-415-1001.

Remember, it is not Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus Saves!

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