Sunday, May 13, 2012

David Birch To All The Mothers In My Life

David Birch, St. Stephen Church
This penning was inspired by my two sisters from another mother whose mother recently went home and who have chilrun who are away...

To all the mothers in my life, both needed and true!
To all the mothers in my life, this salute is for you.
You were there when you really didn’t always have the desire,
Many times to damper or put out our real or perceived fires.
You were there to correct, protect or project special things within our minds.
Things sometimes thought not relative for the times.
Though all have not birthed me, I value each one of you.
On this special day, you deserve things reserved especially for you.
Some of you may be sisters, cousins, related or not;
This day I ask God to give His best like it or not you’re the crème of the crop.
Some of you are hurting, missing those not so near;
With thoughts of them lingering ever so dear
Just know you’ll see them some sweet day be it here or on the other side;
Until then keep pleasant thoughts of those you love planted deeply in your mind.
To all the mothers in my life, all needed and true!
Today I salute you for you are a gift from God, ever so true!

Lovingly penned by DJ Birch
Originally Posted on the Jesus Saves Ministries Blog May, 2009


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