Friday, March 12, 2010

Who Is Your Favorite Female In the Bible?

Min. Angela Lee Price

Who is your favorite or most notable female in the Bible? Is she Mary, the mother of Jesus, Ruth, Naomi, Rahab, Mary Magdalene, Deborah, Jael, Elizabeth, Esther, Martha, Anna, Sarah, Hagar, Bathsheba or the Queen of Sheba?

Maybe the woman you admire most in the Bible doesn't get a lot of "press" on Sunday mornings, but there is something about her that has helped you growth spritually. Is she Lydia, Priscilla, Phoebe, or Dorcas? What makes her your favorite or most notable Bible female?

Maybe the woman you admire most has no name like the woman with the issue of blood, the woman with the infirmity, the women caught in the midst of adultery, the Canannite woman, the Samaritan woman, but there is something about her great faith, and/or humility in the midst trial and physical adversity that has won your heart. Tell us about her.

Maybe she is seen as a "bad girl" by most, but not by you. Is she Eve, Tamar, Lot's wife, Potiphar's wife, Delilah, Sapphira, or that really bad girl, Jezebel?

There is no right or wrong to this discussion. We will draw from among participants and feature 3-4 comment excerpts in an upcoming newsletter. Brothers, here's your opportunity to share your thoughts. We would like to hear from you, too!

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